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Brooke Valentine Lyrics Tell Me Why You Dont Love Me Lyrics

Now you can say Im addicted
I admit Im afflicted
By the way you affected me so hard
I am helpless boy youre just like a drug
Youre like the illest bug
The way youre makin me sick
I just cant handle it

[Pre chorus (2x)]
We steady breaking up making up
Boy aint I good enough
Tell me whats wrong with us
Tell me whats wrong with us

[Hook (2x)]
I got whatchu want
I got whatchu need
Tell me why you dont love me

So while we going in circles
Boy you wanna show boat tellin all of ya friends
How you got me trippin
I know I been on a slow route cause you cheated without doubt
But I aint trying to to find another man
My 1st reaction was I invested too much time
You think Im packing and you must lost your damn mind


Where is the love you dont show me
Im in love but love dont love me
Boy I cant believe you cheated
I forgive you then you cheated
Come on come on come on
I just like an idiot I just cant put up wit this
Come on come on come on



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