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Busta Rhymes Lyrics E.L.E. 2 The Wrath of God Lyrics

Im sorry your time has come

The god is present today
They need to be afraid you need to be afraid
Today because the God of justice is present now
Thats why he said vengeance is mine the battle is not yours
The battle is the Lords and God has come
The battle is on and the plagues are coming down
And no Im not afraid but you need to be and especially when you see whats coming up
Because as a man soweth the same shall he also reap
And when you have done the evil that youve done to us and done it to others
Did you never think that there would come a day that you would have to pay
For all that crap that you have done? Thomas Jefferson said it right
Brother he said I had trembled for my country
When I reflect that God is just and that his justice cannot sleep forever
Well his justice has awakened and all over the world
The nations are turning right before our eyes
And thats why Trump is saying We gotta make America great how when? Again
Because she is not great today people are not afraid
The world has taken enough of Americas evil so death is sweeter
The son been continuing to live under white supremacy and under tyranny
So you know I dont care nothing about them investigating me
Or arresting me or even killing me but Ill tell you what Ill tell you what
Ill give you a little warning you killed your last man when you killed Dr. King
You will not get that chance to do that to me
And if it pleases God that you do kill me right after you kill me
All of you gon die cause Im not here by myself Im not here of myself
You can see that God must be back in me otherwise
Where would I get the strength to say or do what I do
No man its our time now

God has sent me to make you all feel the wrath that cometh
Im here to heat up and bring the street up Im back to punish
While Trump is present with a mouth screaming louder than trumpets
While you bow to the puppets Imma stand and stick around for the judgment
Use the worlds stage with a God crown to put it down for the public

The Earths in pain with a large pound of demonic indulgence
These devil console us while I sip wine I read minds of the culprits
Kind of repulsive to expose the rounds that Im pumpin
Kind of disruptive when I talk now line up the subjects
Tired of injustice from the post politicians and judges
When you witness the abuse of power sometimes its seductive
Then I question God why create a creature that is so destructive?
Hold all your grudges and focus while youre creating expenses
Every man is free of choice but no man is free of consequences
Hold your suggestions and listen closely I study lessons
Causing rain hail snow and earthquake and travel dimensions
The ground will rattle the Earth will rumble like a stampede of cattle
Eleven hundred twenty feet per second faster than sound travel
How many more protests? How many more marches?
Zero results its so grotesque dont even get me started
They count on my momma she knows best
Fight for the daily departed God is the armor we so blessed
Lets zoom in on a target from a certificate a merit down to a felony
For ones actions and deeds justice is a reward or penalty
Pants too tight nigga its been part of the plan fool
F*cked around and made the demasculinization of man cool
Appreciate my pop never stop til the death of me
Erase silly men and Ill never disgrace the legacy
F*ck following trends that dont make us men is the recipe
Care for your women your mother your children its necessity
In the last couple of years you niggas look like you need therapy
Mentally it appears as if the imbalance is chemically
How you gon try to stop Gods work?
That cant never happen even after Im back in the Lords dirt
Im here to present the impact of Extinction Level Event 2
Im only here to present and bring the impact of the Extinction Level Event 2

Hail Busta Rhymes
I saw him at the Grammys
He spoke with passion with passion with passion with passion

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