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Christina Milian Lyrics Oh Daddy Lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
I used to be Daddys little girl
To us you meant the world
And oh how we seemed so happy
Thought we had everything
But oh how the seasons changed
When you broke up wiht us and made a new family

So many times I cried
Sleepless nights
Asking why did you go
I still dont know
What happened to the man I used to know?

You loved me then left me out here with no Daddy
No longer a family with Daddy
Though we struggled for a while we still made it through these trials
I dont think back because were ok Oh Daddy

[VERSE 2:]
Day by day it got so hard
Ma taking any job
And the car just wont drive and nothing to get by
Next thing we in a food line
These things no you didnt see
Cuz dad you gave up on me
I just kept following my dreams


Now slowly I start to understand
This was just all part of a plan
Cuz withouth you weve been through so many things
Now to you we are thanking
And every word I say is true
I couldnt forgive but now I do
But we still cant forget I just cant let it happen all over again


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