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Christina Milian Lyrics Peep Show Lyrics

(feat. Juvenile)

Cant front on me no
My head down to my toes
The girls outta control
(And I know you want it)
Oh how you look at me
Starin at my body
I know what ya thinkin
(You wanna get up on it)
I know you sit at home
Watchin my videos
Imagining me wearing nothin but a trench coat
Oh ya breath stop
Eyes open sit on ya hands just watch

I got you shifting in your seat
Your moving to this beat
(Youre loving the way)
That I wind it up
Slow dipping it low low
Down to the floor oh
You can look but dont touch
I got you open off all Im lettin you see
And if ya good Ill let you put ya hands up on me
Oh ya breath stop

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