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Christina Milian Lyrics When You Look At Me Lyrics

Tell me who do you think you see
Youre standing in your corner looking out on me
You think Im so predictable
Tell me who do you think I am
Looks can be deceiving
Better guess again
Tell me what you see
When you look at me

[Verse 1:]
Youre probably thinking that I want those things
Cash cars - diamond rings
Thinkin on my side the grass is green
But you dont know where I have been
I could be a wolf in disguise
I could be an angel in your eyes
Never judge a book by its cover

[B Part:]
I could be a crook or your lover
I could be the one or the other
If youd look beneath youd discover
You just dont know me!


[Verse 2:]
You look at your neighbor thinking what a guy
Cuz hes got a 9-5
And I bet that you dont realize
He stalks you while you sleep at night
Yet youre scared of the homeless guy
Think hes gonna wanna start a fight
Never judge a book by its cover

[Repeat B Part]

[Hook x2]

(Talk) Now tell me who do you think I am? Huh?
You dont even know me
Well did you think about this

[Repeat B Part]

[Hook x2]

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