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Ciara Lyrics I Got You Lyrics

Hush little baby dont say a word
Mommas gonna love you all your life
And if you ever need a friend
Mommas right there till the very end
And if youre feeling down or weak
Mommas gonna give you all the strength you need
Theres nothing in this world that I wouldnt do
For my little future cause I love you

It all can get so out of control sometimes
You can lose your faith you can lose your mind
Lose your grip get stripped of your pride
Till you dont know how youre gonna stay alive
And this world can throw you over the track sometimes
You friends can stab you in the back
Sometimes you just break down
When this life tries to wreck you I protect you

I got your back I got you
I take your side I lay my life down for you
Ill crawl over broken glass I will stand in the flame
Take the bullet take the blows I would take all the pain
Anything anything that you gotta get through
Hey hey I got you
Hey hey I got you

It all can push you over the edge sometimes
Make you wanna jump off the ledge sometimes
Make you wanan stand up and scream
Youre feeling there is no one listening
This world can put a hole in your soul sometimes
Put you at the end of your road
Sometimes you just break down
When this world tries to end you I defend you


Ill be there to stop the bleeding
Ill be there to start the healing
I will give you what youre needing
Ill be right there

[Chorus x2]

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