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Ciara Lyrics Jackie (B.M.F.) Lyrics

Jackie was a girl more than just a girl
She always had big dreams
To see the whole world fall in love
And do what her heart believed
But mama said baby girl be tough
Everything aint what it seems
I had to go through the things she went through
I now know what it means
Harmony drop that beat

Im a bad mahf*cker
Im a bad mahf*cker
Im a bad mahf*cker
Im a bad motherf*cker

Cant even hate cause you know this shit hot
Yeah Im that bitch like it or not
Better get ready cause Im not gon stop stop stop
Let that beat drop
A lot of these bitches they came and they went
I got a few things Ima get off my chest
Please dont act like you aint heard what I said heard what I said
You heard what I said

Ima B.M.F
Shawty put my initials on it on it
Ima B.M.F
Ima put you all up on it on it

Imagine delivering a 9 pound 10 ounce baby
Im a bad motherf*cker
Turn up
Im bad Im bad

Im a bad mahf*cker
Im a bad mahf*cker

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