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Eamon Lyrics Lo Rida Lyrics

(feat. N.O.R.E.)

Yeah its like 2:30 in the morning just left the club about to go to the after-hour after-hour spot ya gotta dig
That over there over there ya know how we do it. get my lo rida hit some switches yeah yeah any highway from here to
You ya know what i mean? we gonna ride. eamon lets ride eamon yeah ya know what im sayin lets ride lo rida come on!

Feelin high gotta ride it i take routes to ease my life and theres no doubt i test my life still i i step back
Step back and let the feelin take control may be hard may be soft and what ya had might be lost but i got to got to
Not care what im goin through

The lovin and the huggin the way i just cant stop buggin the feedin and the schemin the way i get when im weaken.

Lo rida cant get higha all i gotta do now is calm that fire love makin shit that im takin cant get enough
Of it lo rida cant get higher all i gotta do now is calm that fire love makin shit that im takin cant get enough of it.
Yo its been sent to find my cost and you might think its my loss but im rollin rollin to the illest place i know
Eyes are wide insides hot and nasty thoughts just wont stop and im lovin lovin everything that ya do to me


[chorus 2]

Ya see i never had a chick like this wed argue shed break out come back like this she said she never had a pimp
Like this and never seen a camouflage make like this suckin that lo rida we on that cali side im the insider we
Buffin takin the valley ride im a provider and stay high up from tiger shots we played wrestle before nelsons and body
Shots oh excited like were until were gatti bots look at her booty man got me on body watch she got a leather
Trench on now with nothin under it just like when she on top and im under it so i run with it gotta have fun a bit
Aint nothin like a hoeside lo ride new kicks new whip sit safe 0-5 nice eyes thick thighs boy she make my skin

[chorus 2 repeat]

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