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Five For Fighting Lyrics 10 Miles From Nowhere Lyrics

How have you been
in the shape you were in
Im suprised that you got where youre going

Who would believe
What a date you would be
If I knew Id have thought about knowing

And in between now and the last time we met
Id open the door if I met you again
And I swear that wed be better/fair ever friends
From here until 10 miles from nowhere

What is that there
In your brown paper box
I can see that you kept all the memories wed lost

Id sworn it was you
Who was destined and gone
To the pressure of past undertakings

Had I had known that it might have been me
I might have returned a letter or three
Or gave you a call from the sanctuary

for the cracks in these walls tell time for a fee

From here until 10...
From now until 10...miles from nowhere

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