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Five For Fighting Lyrics Back To Her Lyrics

In the morning light she laid there in the grass
She was till dressed in her white homecoming gown
I helped her back to her room
She was cold against my shoulder
I tried not to wake her up as I laid her down
Then I sat there and watched her sleep for a while
Ive admired her for so long from far away
If I could hold her in my arms then maybe she could love me
If I could only find the words that I want to say

Sullen like a dream that I once had
Made me feel scared and lonely
Shell never know how she got back
What her eyes had shown me
And I close the door and walk away
I close the door and walk away...
But I want to stay...

The leaves below my feet crumbled at my steps
And the sun has risen higher than it was before
I step into my car and I drive for a while
I cant stand the same scenery anymore

I stop along the bridge and I close my earthly eyes
And I wonder what this world can offer me
Cars they move below me and I seem to realize and I look
Up at the sky and call her name.


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