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Lil Flip Lyrics Cant Let You Go Lyrics

(feat. Pimpin Ken)

[Lil Flip: talking]
Reality check
I aint hear to sing to ya
Ring a ring to ya
Bitch please (bitch please)
Bitch please lick these!
You tease
Sucka free

[Lil Flip]
Bitch please you dont need to miss me
Cuz when I come around you dont even kiss me
But its coo (its coo) I aint a foo (aint a foo)
Its twelve thirty how the f*ck you at schoo
Bitch please Im about to leave
Cuz I got another trick up my sleeve
Be gone I dont need you no mo
Cuz you aint shit but a dirty ass hoe
Bitch please you wearin ya friends clothes
Broke smokin my indo
Tryin to stay in my f*ckin house (get the f*ck out)
Bitch quit runnin ya mouth
Bitch please I dont like ya ass
If ya go to jail hoe I wont write ya ass
I wont lick ya ass Ill jus stick ya ass
Treat ya like a bug n ill pick ya ass
Bitch please then Im jumpin in my lambo (lambo)
Got a gun niggaz call me rambo
Dont give a damn I got more ammo
Lil Ron thats my fammo

[Pimpin Ken]
Bitch Please you cant understand
Im the thug type dude I dont hold no hands
What you talkin bout you wanna be my wife
Bitch you gave the nigga head on the first night
That aint right Bitch please
Ya listnin to ya friends
Tryna go through the mall and hit me from my ends
Tryna roll my benz I cant let that happen
Thats why a nigga keep on rappin
Bitch Please I dont f*ck wit u
You a busta type bitch runnin wit ya crew
Everythang aint all good when ya in the place
Ya make a nigga wanna put a punch to ya face

[Lil Flip]
Bitch please I dont play that shit
When you talkin wit ya girls dont say that shit
That I be doin or who I be f*ckin
Cuz Im gonna come and give yo ass a concussion
What the f*ck was you thinkin?
Jus because I got a benz that I dont have a lincoln?
What the f*ck was you doin?
Why the f*ck why you playin wit me what you persuin?
I know you wanna come to a nigga house (house)
You on ya period then put it in ya mouth
Like jigga said f*ck what a nigga said
Dont f*ck wit him Lil Flip got bigga bread
I got money and I got that shit for safe
Got a mutha f*ckin ring and a nice face
Wont catch a case I gotta good lawyer
Cuz when you knock a nigga out errybody saw ya
F*ck that I got a gun nigga bitch please
Got more jewlery than Mista T
Im like Mister freeze lookin at my watch (why)
Shit tac toe I got the clover on the top (nigga)
Im in the block (block) Im in the drop (drop)
Niggaz know the cops runnin in the spot (spot)
If ya too hot (hot) tryna be too fast
Yea I dont sell drugs so dont ever ask me
Dont put shit past me Imma have to get niggaz who blast me
I aint trippin on these niggaz I aint slippin on these niggaz
Imma pull off my belt and give a whippin to these niggaz

[Lil Flip: talking]
Haha Lil Flip
Bitch please
This how we do it (this how we do it)
Bitch please bitch please bitch please

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