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Lil Flip Lyrics Flipn On My Block Lyrics

Yeah I go by the name Lil Flip
(thats right) me and my nigga Greg Street
Its from Texas to ATL yeah

[Lil Flip]
(on my block) them niggas jamming Flip and Face
And dont nobody have muscles but we all moving weight
(on my block) where the dopefiends let you rent they car
And if you got the biggest rocks you the neighborhood star
So holla at a nigga when you get your check
And if its 800 dollars you about to triple that
(on my block) we staying up playing dominoes
And we got boosters in the hood that be selling fake clothes
Thats how the game go when you living in my city
And niggas in the hood they dont show no pity
So dont act hot seditty when you see me at a show
And the reason we dont hang cause you act like a hoe
(on my block) the little kids they be smoking weed
And if you go to sleep they coming to steal your ten speed
Im from the C to the L-O-V-E-R-Land
And where Im from (Cloverland) bitch Im the man

On my block everybody on the corner hustling
On my block niggas pulling up on them buttons
On my block we getting that money fa sheezy
I cant leave freestyling alone the game need me

[Lil Flip]
(on my block) you might see my nigga Greg Street
In a black G-Wagon or that black Bentley
Or you might see my nigga C-Note in the drop
You might see my nigga Will-Lean on the block
You might see my nigga Rebel at the Chop Shop
You might see my nigga D at the Barber Shop
You might see my niggas on Groden shooting hoops
Or you might see my nigga T.A.Z. rolling in a Coupe
You might see my nigga Dre from S.A
Or you might see my nigga Ken at Quickway
Or you might see the cops just rolling through the hood
Trying to bust another nigga when they see you living good


[Lil Flip]
You got dope dealers and crackheads with bumps in they face
We drive fo wheelers on flat beds so nigga lets race
And we cant catch a case cause we got the best lawyers
And I spit dead in your face now thats some gangsta shit for ya
And to my fans who really buy my shit
I appreciate the love cause yall made me rich
And if it wasnt for yall I wouldnt be shit
So Ima hold this shit down for the Screwed Up Click

On my block ha-ha ha-ha

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