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Lil Flip Lyrics Flippin Lyrics

(feat. M?a)

You are now rockin wit The Symphony

[Lil Flip:]
Its ya boy Fliperachi the #1 fly boy (yeaahhh)
Im the building wit my girl Mya (fo sho)
You know we doin a song for the ladies they want records too you know
So if you want to come kick it wit some real pimp a real man a young boss
Girl money dont run out
Let me holla if you down wit Clover Gs (fo sho)

[Hook: Mya (Lil Flip w/ ad libs)]
I know that youd take care of me baby please (thats right thats right)
No baby is not jealousy jealousy
I know that I know that you pimpin you pimpiiiinn
I know that I know that so Im flippin Im flippiiinnnn

[Verse 1:]
The first day we met I was in my vet
I just left Warner Brothers pickin up my check (hahaaa)
I pulled up in Wing Stop just to get me a bike
Rubber cush on my blunt so Im high as a kite
Red monkeys wit a crist twelve hundred to pop
And when you walk by I couldnt do nothin but watch
Cause I know you wit a cat who aint treatin you right
And if you wanna be happy you should leave him right now
I got a ten oclock flight on my G-5 girl
Let me upgrade you no more Levis girl
Imma show you finer thangs you can cruise the world
And when we come back you gon have bluest purse


[Verse 2:]
I aint a pimp no more that was 99 (99)
Cause when it came to the bread I had to get mine
Top down when Im roll up the Vegas Strip
Four pound on my hip in case a nigga trip
A hundred dollar chips lets gamble ma (lets go)
And if the crowd get thick lets scramble ma (lets go)
No gal can cook shrimp better than ma (haha)
I had a gal aint know what berretta or nine
After this Imma drop Ahead of My Time
The true thangs that I love is my bread and my dyme
They be like Flip man you got a lazy flow
Thats when I say oh wellll I make crazy dough
Chuchhh Chuchhh

[Hook: w/ Mya singing]
You always say the things to make me staaaayyyyy
He then told me that you would change your waaayyyysss
You always got the best from meeee
I gave em to you faithfully
Im flippin now I gotta get awaaaayyyyy

[Verse 3:]
So come and roll wit a fly boy
You can be my fly girl
Just you and I girl
The kid ballin like Jim Jones (balliiiiiinnnnnnnnn)
Cause I made about 8 million ringtones (balliiiiiinnnnnnnnn)
Im a certified mack in the streets
How many rappers got ice on the back (but they not too many)
I do it big like that rapper from ???
While you exit home put your ring out (hahaaa)
And we on private jets sippin real wine
I was in the projects watchin feds crime
But now Im doin projects gettin paid now (yeahh)
There go the paparazzi go and put your head down (cheese cheese)


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