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Lil Flip Lyrics Forever Bangin Screw Lyrics

[Lil Flip:]
Ay u know me i ride wit my trunk raise upBoy Im
riding dubs u better put them blades upBanging screw four
fifteens kick hardAround da block one time come back and
switch carsSip barre cause its a family tradition
im the freestyle king it aint no
competitionIm a screw head i ride black blue
redniggas call me lil flip nigga i can do that

[chorus x2:]
I thought you knewwwwwwthat we forever
banging screwwwI thought u knew that

[Lil Flip:]
I done
bought tha cat bought tha houseGot about thirty karats
inside my mouthI represent the dirty dirty the dirty
southI even put it down with Swishahouse I got more
syrup than waffle housenine nine graduater i walked
acrossI run through all hoes like Marshall Faulk I
f*ck with Big Pokey and Big HawkUnderground mix tapes got
us fameF*cking with real niggas got us gameScrew up
click bout to go worldwideand once ya cross 610 welcome to
the southside

[Chorus: x2]

Thanks to my nigga
screw i got my shine on Now my nigga gone so i got to
rhyme strongima go platinum cause im a lyrical
threatthink about you every time i hear a casettechop up but them niggas cant chop like u them niggas
cant even make the music stop like uso ima keep u alive
every time i rap on da real DJ Screw put us all on the
mapSo every time i bust a flow ima show my ass he
taught me two things keep it real anf fold my cashbitch im
rich still dropping undergroung shitf*ck the radio i drop
underground hits (im a screwhead)

[Chorus: x2]

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