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Lil Flip Lyrics Get Crunk (Remix) Lyrics

Yeah yeah yeah uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh
We bump that Screw down here we back
Its part 2 Lil Flip and David Banner you know
This time around you gotta feel us (got to feel us)
The album went platinum fa sheezy nigga
Yeah yeah uh-oh so just smoke something
Look look

[Lil Flip]
I still like to bang my Screw nigga I keep it true nigga
You transparent I can see through you
You a fake ass nigga wanna hate on the South
Bitch nigga get my nuts out your mizzouth
The Sizzouth is where the niggas bizzall
Twenty inch Lorenzos thats how we crizzawl
Go to the mizzall and buy us some clizzothes
Go to the club and try to f*ck us some hizzoes
You know how it gizzo I gotta keep it rizzeal
Platinum is my record sales platinum in my grizzill
Bling bling bling thats what a nigga like to do
But everywhere I go I gotta represent for Screw
What about you do you keep it real-a
Do you go half with your nigga on some killa
Do you bang Screw Fat Pat Mike D
You know how we do it we the S.U.C.
Screwed Up Soldiers I represent the Clover
Last year I dropped my first album in October
This year I dropped on August 27
Nigga I smoke weed like Snoop and Devin

[Hook x2]
What yall wanna do what yall gotta say
You bump that Screw down here okay
How you niggas acting how you niggas roll
My album went platinum my shit aint gold


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