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Lil Flip Lyrics Gotta Stack Ya Paper Lyrics

(feat. Shazstar)

[Chorus: Shazstar rp2x]
gotta stack ya paper
chop em like a razor!
if you gongrind or if
you gonna pull papers!yeah

[Lil Flip]
Im a southside playa that love to wreck
I got 25-Gs above my neck
when Im at the Cashattia I love to bet
should I take the Corvette or the bubble lex?
I put diamonds in yo faces on a daily basis
I done wrecked T-town and club Oasis
I got three Jags in my parking spaces
95 Air Max with blue laces
you can call me a pimp like Dolomite
I charge five Gs to hold a mic
if it aint no drank I dont hold a Sprite
after I do this I got mo to write
Im a stay Sucka Free thats my family
meReddHumpFuzzand Anthony
nigga we livin yall fantasy
and I take baths with vanity
Im in the studio from 9 to 5
Im a stay indepedent I aint gon sign with Jive
Im eatin fettucini yall eatin fries
like R.Kelly I wish I could fly
Im a 18 year old C-E-O
my favorite movie is CB4
when you lookin at my watch see me snow
and if you want pimps here we go
you aint know LilFlip is the freestyle king
I got platinum on my bezzeltyne
stretch my money like a limousine
ya gal hooked on me like nicotine
when I pull up to the show Im in 16 cars
16 iceand 16 stars
yeah Im spittin game to like 16 broads
I think I just wrecked these 16 bars

maan!that boy a fool

[Chorus: Shazstar rp2x]
gotta stack ya paper
chop em like a razor!
if you gongrind or if
you gonna pull papers!yeah

[Lil Flip]
ay Im in a Escalade eatin Etoufee
like LilTroy its a better way
I ride on red and sit on gray
me and Ron C blow on hay
Im playa made on razorblades
all my clothes are tailor-made
I pour a 4 in Gatorade
watch me lean in the shade
I keep a fade Im wearin Js
I pull more stunts than Super Dave
the reason I ball like a ball
cause thats just for you to hate
Im underated but anticipated money in my face
I gotta make it jump on a mic I gotta break it
A million dollars I gotta take it
Im the millionare Im a billionare
Check the Billboard Im still in there
I put diamonds all in yo face so you know
LilFlip dont really care I play truth
or dare with yellow bones talk on prime co telophones
got hoes from Hiram Clark all the way to Yellowstone
and I ride on chrome thats all I do
Slow down music we call it Screw
Everyday watch out for the boys in blue
I wear Fubu and Dada too
Im LilFlip Im Sucka Free
Ten thousand aint enough for me
Cant none of yall niggas f*ck with me
I cant get enough of this luxury but
Im a billionare and Im playa made on razorblades
Lookin good chunkin up the duece
Cloverland is my hood nigga ugh!

[Chorus: Shazstar]

[Lil Flip]
ay they call me LilFlip I love to wreck
you wanna do a song I need a check
collect my hoes like upper deck
southside niggas get much respect
nigga Ron C put me on the track
my nigga named Hump put me on the map
my nigga named Johnny man he gave me plat
a nigga out of line nigga he get slapped
a million dollar nigga with a million dollar mouth
a million dollar vase with a million dollar coach
southside nigga thats what Im about
if a nigga owe me money Im a call him out
Im a let a nigga know Im the freestyle king
these niggas dont wanna step in the freestyle ring
nigga this shit is freestyling
nigga Im the mothaf*ckin freestyle king
I said it one I said it twice
gotta whole closet full of Nikes
went to Worthings full of dice
you know LilFlip gotta lot of ice
I gotta lot of mics cause Im in The Source
me and Brian playin on the golf course
nigga got a brand new Rolls Royce
hoes give me head they got no choice
Im a million dollar nigga thats what
I do slow down music by Watts and Screw
everyday watch out for the boys in blue
nigga I use to watch shots of Fubu
million dollar nigga with DVDsEscalades
drop topand GMCs before I listened
to DJ Screw I use to jam DJ Dmd LilFlip
is the only star down south we just
sip the bar 20 inches rip the car I gotta
be real Im a rep the toy Im a stay
the king Im a stay the prince Im a get
the house with the big ol fence and when
I write my rhymes I dont get lyric bent nigga

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