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Lil Flip Lyrics Haters Still Mad (Remix) Lyrics

(feat. Lil Ron)

Now Im rolling look at my rims
No more cloudy diamonds look at my gems
Now Im smoking on the best shit
Yeah Im Lil Flip Im in the S.U.C. click
Screwed Up Click for yall that dont know
You hear about it for yall that dont go
To my concerts one girl got one shirt
I put my autograph right on her skirt
And she told everybody at her job
Lil Flip music really goes hard
Now my fans just liking what Im doing
Cause Im entrepreneuring nigga wanna boo em
But they cant cause they know Im a legend
They got monitors on they leg in the house by seven
It seems like niggaz get dumber and dumber
How you trade in a Benz just to get you a Hummer
You went to jail now you on probation
For real should of went and got a education
But your dumb ass couldnt be patient
You wanted to smoke weed now time youre facing
Three years behind three blunts
Three freaks damn nigga three sweets
And that wasnt even endo
You went to jail for some regular weed
And you saying that you better than me
You smarter than me how the f*ck you harder than me
Come on my nigga how you recording in three
Different studios get your own shit get your own click
Nigga why you f*cking with that nigga wife get your own bitch

Biatch (biatch) ha-ha haters still mad
What can I say iight cool

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