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Lil Flip Lyrics I Just Wanna Tell U Lyrics

[Hook: x2]
I never meant to break your heart
But you know how life go shit happen
But you know I still got your back
And I just wanna tell you that

[Lil Flip:]
Many nights you waited up but I never called back
And everytime I had a show I would tell you to fall back
I know you think I got chicks in every state
I know my lifestyle fast but Ima pump my breaks
At the beginning everything was cool
I use to leave the studio and pick you up from school
You was there when I had to eat Ramon noodles
If you aint careful stress is what the gamell do ya
I got the world on my shoulders
Thats why I lace my girl with a Clover
I know you worried cause I stay in the streets ma
But dont worry cause I roll thirty deep ma Im good


[Lil Flip:]
At first it was restaurants then the movies
Now you typing crazy messages in my two-way
But its time though I meet a million hoes
But they aint like you cause they aint got pretty toes
You know thugs never let they feelings show
But anytime you wanna talk just let me know
Cause I got your back we a perfect match
Its me and you against the world whos stopping that

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip:]
I like to see you with no make-up on
I like to see you with a Jacob on now do your thang girl
If you wanna get to know me just holla girl
Have you ever rode in a drop top Impala girl
I could turn a good girl into a bad girl
I got you rocking black ice no more black pearls
I cant lie I want your body in the worst way
I fly to Cali in the morning Ill be back Thursday

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