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Lil Flip Lyrics Money In The Bank (Freestyle) Lyrics

[Tony Montana {Scarface}:]
Im Tony F*ckin Montana You Want A Piece Of Me!


Its Southern Smoke Mothaf*cka

You Know What It Is Right
I Got Money In Tha Bank
60 Dollars In My Tank
Half A Pound Of Dank
So Lets Ride

I Got Money In The Bank
Dummy What You Thank
I Got Money In Tha Bank
So All My Dank Stank
I Got Money In Tha Bank
80 Gs For My Chain
I Got Money In Tha Bank
So Shawty What You Drank

[Lil Flip:]
Look Im Tired Of Tha Rumors Im Tired Of Tha Lies
Im Still In Tha Hood Breakin Down Pies
And When I Ride By I Be Ridin High
These Niggas Wanna Be Me Cuz Im So Fly
Fly Boy Piece
Fly Boy Chain
Fly Boy Tennis
I Move Caine
80 For My Ring 80 For My Grill
Imma Texas Boy So That Mean Im Trill
Niggas Poppin Pills
Not Me Dawg
Kush In My Blunt
Car Full Of Smog
Niggas Betta Bow Down To Tha King
Cuz I Freestyle
You Know It Aint No Thing
Cuz I Got Extra FlowLike I Got Extra Hoes
I Put You On That Drink I Put You On That Dro
I Push It To Tha Limit
They What You Call A
Im Still Here For 10 Years Ive Been In It


Nigga Pay Attention Let Me Show You How My Crew Roll
Imma Star I Dont Have To Buy New Clothes
My Jewlrey Too Froze
Ur Bank Acount Froze
Im You I Dont Change Around Hoez
Me And Joe We Doin 50 In My Old School
On The Real Most These Niggas Aint No Screw
And You Know Who You Are I Dont Have To Say Your Name
Just Face It Your Music Wont Make It To Spain
Not Even Cali Not Even Brazil Matter Fact You Dont Even Got A Real Career
You Niggas Talk About Me Cuz They Wanna Be Me
I Kept It 100 I Coulda Been Greedy
But Imma Real Nigga Imma Deal Wit Ya
Its Big Money Why You Lookin At Tha Little Picture
Im Droppin Clova Gz
Im Droppin Crime Boss
Trick-Or-Treat Dont Forger Skinny Comin Out


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