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Lil Flip Lyrics My Dogz Lyrics

(feat. B.G. Duke Scoopastar Taz Will-lean)

[Lil Flip talkin]
Ha ha this tha realest shit I wrote
Yall say we look like kids
Oh yall dont think I heard what yall said
You puttin it on tape this for my dogz nigga

Ill ride for my dogz Ill lie for my dogz
If it come down to it Ill die for my dogz
Ima thug with my dogz I got love for my dogz
What Im really tryin to say dont f*ck with my dogz

[Lil Flip]
Grab yo AKs pumps and even Calicos
I fight for my dogz like we at the Alamo
If you run up on me Ima have to tear yo clothes
So give me what you got yo rings and valuables
And if you f*ck wit my dogz Ima blow you away
And chop you up like ham and throw you away
I aint never been no hoe so stop bumpin yo gums
Oh you cant talk shit when you got a pump on yo tongue

I cop bricks in tha six watchin flicks wit my dogz
Cause flippin 2 for 36 and hit licks wit my dogz
Cop glocks rock blocks investin stocks wit my dogz
Sit on docks boardin yachts wit my big shots dogz
Ill take over ya cut wit my SuckaFree dogz
And Ill chop a busta up for APT dogz
I get brains run trains and switch positions wit my dogz
Grip grain and swang lanes in Expeditions wit my dogz

I ride wit my dogz I drank and get high wit my dogz
You betta run and try to hide when I collide wit my dogz
I bust AKs aortas and 45s wit my dogz
Just make you slip slide and fall and get tied like a hog
I break banks wit my dogz I make stakcs wit my dogz
We rip a nigga ass up like this track wit my dogz
I floss baggetts princess cuts and Lexus trucks wit my dogz
And if you wanna live and raise yo kids dont f*ck wit my dogz

[B.G. Duke]
Gettin f*cked wit my dogz Ima make em call tha laws
My baggetts is shinin and eat you up like Jaws
Im beatin through black crew with wrist roo
C-note wit tha guns and Flip you get the loot
And when I shoot I shoot to execute
Me Taz and Scoop hittin licks in tha booth
Thats what I do in a bulletproof coupe
If you aint my dog then nigga f*ck you


[Lil Flip]
Hey hey hey..When it come to my dogz Ill spit on yo face
And you bet not get caught wit yo shit on yo waist
Cause if I catch you off base Im mamin and choppin
You might as well give up now cause when Im swangin you droppin
Nigga get outta line Im hurtin em all
I caught fake niggas rough cause when Im swervin they fall
Im makin CEO money while you work in tha mall
And if you know about Flip then you heard of my dogz
There he go that nigga right there hes a hoe
And Im leave his white T-shirt wit a hole
Ill put him in a finger fold dont f*ck wit Flipper hoe
Im a kiss you wit a bullet under a mistletoe

Cockin back point him out watch Ill bust this nigga
Lay em tote 100 shot we couldnt trust this nigga
Infrared touch his head you couldnt duck this nigga
Call tha coroner chalk him out cause we done f*cked this nigga

[Lil Flip]
Hey and we stuck that nigga like a chicken plucked that nigga
finger f*cked that nigga like shit we flushed that nigga

Like a diamond we crushed that nigga bust that nigga
And ride wit Lil Flip cleanin up on niggas
Droppin bullets like rain wettin up yo niggas
F*ck you and everythang you love hoe nigga

[Lil Flip]
In conclusion Ill empty out a full clip
You aint known for trampolines but you gon do a full flip
And whatever you said Ima make you take it back
And if you chest get got nigga Ima make it flat
So you betta watch out before we run in yo house
And tie you up like tennis shoes and put a gun in yo mouth


[Lil Flip talkin]
For my dogz nigga yall wonder why yall dont see me cause I only chill
wit real niggas nigga scoopastar the original star nigga Taz Will-lean
tha chemist B.G. Duke Humpty Hump Les Snoop my real niggas we dont
f*ck wit fraud niggas Shasta nigga Myron f*ck wit real niggas you wonder
why Lil Flip dont be givin you dap or speakin to you nigga nigga you
aint real nigga nigga Ill ride for my dogz....On my arm nigga

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