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Lil Flip Lyrics Real Niggas Lyrics

(feat. Will Lean)

[Lil Flip]
Lord have mercy Jesus Christ
I know Im doin wrong but Im tryna do right
I hustle day to day and night to night
Cause Im tryna get paid awright
Yall dont know about my rap wars
Alotta rappers use my name
Just so they can have the stores off the chain
But aint nobody feelin that shit
You on ya fifth tape nigga wheres ya hit
No skits on my shit I got shit thats heated
Everytime I do shit you know shit be complete
It aint no half steppin my name aint Daddy Kane
But Ima hop out the Jag wid a big daddy chain
Iced out yellow rocks in the middle
Colourful rainbows is lookin like skittles
I scratch and I scribble in my notepad when Im feelin mad
Cause now Im doin good I used to be doin bad
I used to have go half on my lunch money
Now I got a money machine that help me count my money
Im ballin for real platinum all in my grill
We turned em down but they still callin for real

[Will Lean]
Yeh say I dont need your money
On the block niggas still got weed and money
Stash pot sold bricks ducked in a car
In the kitchen Im still touchin it raw
On the highway Im still buckin the law
F*ck that Ill never be duckin the law
Im takin shots aint goin back to jail
Im a pimp I cant be trapped in a cell
Im eatin shrimp but Im still makin this mil
From H-Town straight to A-T-L
We gettin this money we spittin this money
And if you run up wrong then we splittin these dummies
Im takin shots a nigga goin all out
And if I hit ya house Im takin a f*ckin wall out
You better back back you better back up
Before I make this f*ckin mack act up
And take ya dome out nigga
Im comin wid the chrome boss trigga
Im from the town where niggas make ya lay it down
Come up and rob ya for ya kis and pounds

Last real niggas alive
Clover Gs you aint f*ckin wid me

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