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Lil Flip Lyrics So Fresh So Clean Lyrics

(feat. Shasta)

Ha Freestyle King
Screwed Up Click nigga..

[Hook x2: Shasta]
Cant nobody flow like me
Im just a fresh MC (the Freestyle King-King)
Cant nobody outshine me
My piece bling-blind they bling (the Freestyle King-King)

[Lil Flip]
I did a song with H.A.W.K. I think that nigga called it Oh Yeah
Im wearing platinum jewelry and my tape aint even gold yet
You know where my shows at just keep your ears open
And if you driving please dont get caught with your beers open
Like Dr. Dre Im still smoking cause all I blow is dro
We the type of niggaz that smoke on the way to see our P.O
Got a partna named C-Note with a brother named Duke
We got hoes in every state that like to blow us like a flute
Everybody know I flip everybody know I sip
All I blow is hydro weed Lil Flip dont f*ck with dip
Wrote a movie wrote the script Im a million dollar star
And everytime you see me Im with a yellow star what

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip]
And when Screw gave me the plack niggaz really hated that
But that cant be changed playboy thats that
Like Fat Pat Im so throwed just look at my charms
Stop that shit is what they say when they look at my arm
Im iced out bopping hoes saying where you get it
I just smile and lie somewhere over there in Missouri City
But you know I got Johnny working at the Flea Market
You aint heard of Johnny what the f*ck are you retarded
He keep me looking good from my wrist to my pinkie
Hoes cant see me cause they always be blinking
While Im thinking how the f*ck Ima get under her dress
Im the Freestyle King nigga how you love that

[Hook x2]

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