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Lil Flip Lyrics Ugly Freestyle (E.S.G. Diss) Lyrics

[Lil’ Flip Talkin]

[Lil’ Flip]
I ain’t choosing rappin rappin choosed me so I’m runnin through
These states like a nose bleed life ain’t great dawg but I’m doin fine
You fillin drop again boy quiztid in my rhymes I’ll put my mug on me
I got tighters flow and you could ask E.S.G. cause that nigga know
So buckle up cause I’m fillen wreck before these rap game
I’ve been have respect that Lil’ Flip talk got you open wide
I giggle outside the boop but I drove inside y’all fake rappers
I’m the real shit I drive real hits I don’t need a deal bitch y’all ain’t
Rich ain’t that right flex maybe you’ll get a deal where everthing
Is a check I know y’all rappas hate me but yo’ gal love me keep
Talking down the shit gon get real ugly

[15 Seconds Without Sayin Anything]

I know I sound country don’t get the wrong idea I got 9 awards
Plus artist southern year now how you love that I’m still movin use
Hundred thousand plus my undaground music I told my nigga screw
I’m bout blow it up he said I’m down with you Lil’ Flip sew it up
So I did that with no T.V. just imagine when I get on B.T.
Cause I’ma f*ck it up like a bad wreck I got money so I neva write
A bad check I wear baggets I ride tree cutz and I’m a C.E.O.
So I make bigger bucks haters don’t like me but they won’t fight me
Cause they know I got my desert eagle right by me so if you got flex
Nigga be about it I ain’t Master P but you go see about it

[Lil’ Flip Talkin]

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