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Lil Flip Lyrics Warrior Lyrics

Ay Im tired of all this talkin
I dont know what yall heard
But Im a warrior lets go

Real niggas (what up?) Clover Geez (What up?)
If you aint talkin bout fightin then you need to (shut up!)
Im a warrior nigga I aint scared of you nigga
Im a gangsta boy Ill put led in you nigga

[Verse 1]
If you diss Lil Flip Ima find you nigga
If you forgot Ima G Ima remind you nigga
I got pimps on my team thatll cut you up
Man I got pimps on my team thatll f*ck you up
I aint never been a hoe I never run from a fight
Im the one the hoes love but the niggas dont like
Cause I made it out the hood now my team doin great
Niggas finally get a brick now they think they got weight
Nigga I been straight you the one goin broke
I got 300 grand around my throat
Cause Im the hardest MC reppin H-Town
You keep playin Ima leave you with your face down


[Verse 2]
Huh niggas know me I aint scared of a bitch nigga
Cause you know a roach aint shit to a rich nigga
And just because you heard I rap you dont know a nigga
Now gimme that that aint the right way to hold a pistol (stupid)
You toy soldiers gon catch five and roll over
While me and the other Clover Geez blow doja
And if you bitch made
Ima run across your face with a switch blade now take that


[Verse 3]
I be in Memphis 10 I be with Juice and Paul
I get money from Skinny Pimp (why?) cause thats my dog
I be with killers and convicts that put in work
I can blow five mil and it will not hurt (damn!)
Cause I learn the game before I earn my change
And I will pay you back if you mention my name
Huh it could be the mailman at your front do
Or it could be your biggest fan in the front row
I like drama so call your momma I got a llama
Thats what you get bitch for f*ckin with a big tymer
A rich nigga with chrome triggers for all yall
And if its f*ck me you know its f*ck yall

[Chorus - 4x]

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