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Lil Flip Lyrics Watch Ya Lyrics

(feat. Will Lean)

Uh-uh yeh yeh mic check
We watchin yall watch us
Pay attention man
Gon take a while for yall to catch up
Knaw wha I mean? know how we do it man
well do it

[Lil Flip]
Things aint quite like it used to be
A lot of yall rappers confusin me
One day you wanna do a track wid me
The next day yall thinkin about jackin me
I pack my heat my nigga I dont play that shit
If you see me wid a nine Ima spray that shit
If you reachin for my chain
Im reachin for ya brain
Your Cadillac about to have another red stain
Niggaz know I got a gat wid fifty
I mean I got a f*ckin track wid fifty
Niggaz play but we dont play
When we get ass nigga we dont pay
I pray every night pack Ks every night
If the cocaine is tan how the f*ck can it be white
We got it whippin and shippin we gettin bread
My nigga we gettin head like pistols we packin lead
Well bust a nigga never ever trust a nigga
You talkin all sweet Ima cuss a nigga
I call ya a bitch I slap ya momma
Nigga Im vested up so Im prepared for the drama
Put yo bitch ass in trauma you layin up
Hospital bill goin up and you payin up
I told ya not to watch Scarface too many times
How you talk shit and wasnt packin too many nines
Yup you just watchin from the sidelines
Pay attention to the books and the guidelines
Its my time it aint yo time
I need bread before mic check and show time nigga
These promoters wanna act like they broke
When you f*ck wid my money I put my hand on your throat
I slap ya choke ya provoke ya steal ya kill ya
Bitch nigga I just dont feel ya

[Will Lean]
Yeh nigga you know what Im packin
I seein ya team homie I know what ya lackin
I got dollars nigga f*ck the cents
I paid cash off the lot now I got trucks to rent nigga
And Im buckin ya down while ya weavin and bobbin
and duckin these rounds
We stay on the road yall stuck in the town
Will Lean the chemist nigga I aint f*ckin around
Uh nigga and I got the Big Shasta
Double wrong nigga we gotta blast ya woah
Cause Im keepin it real
In a six hundred wid jimmy keepin the steel
Uh nigga its the chemist Im full fledge
Botany big shot nigga takin off heads
Leavin ya for dead when I bust the lead
Hit ya in the front takin off ya dreads woah nigga
Im buckin these shells a nigga like me aint gon be
Stuck in the cell bitch

Everywhere that I go
I got people I know
Niggaz I used to f*ck wid
We dont kick it no more
When they heard I got dough
Niggaz started to flock
Niggaz actin like bitches
So Im packin my glock
(The watcher)

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