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Lil Flip Lyrics We Go Make It Out Da Hood Lyrics

(feat. Big Shasta)

[Chorus x2: Big Shasta]
All my niggas on lock keep ya head up
My niggas on the block get ya bread up Ima get this cheddar
(Hey!) We go make it out the hood mayne
(Hey!) We go make it out the hood mayne

[Lil Flip:]
Yeah I made it out the hood but I still go back
To check on my fam and buy my love bro throwbacks
I came a long way it aint my fault you went the wrong way
And listen up Im grown nigga I dont play
I got show money (yeah) plus liquor money (yeah)
After I get off stage I got picture money
These rap cats aint stickin to the G-code
You thing you fly cause you got a few free-throws
I know squares that cook Os you damn right
And if you want it you gotta pay the damn price
I do this for the dope boys with them AKs
Im a fly yellow nigga like Kay-Kay

[Chorus x2]

[Lil Flip:]
Ay you aint gotta be fake I know yall dont like me
Cause when I got shot up yall aint right me
You got a chip on your shoulder I got a clip in my holster
The difference between us is Im focused
Nowadays erybody wanna talk about me
But you know you cant mention the South without me
Record labels came and record labels went
Pay attention to your checks watch the money you spend
Your kids dirty but you ride around in a Benz
Everyday at Pappadeux trickin ya ends
It aint the color of our skin that hold us back
Its a fact niggas dont know how to act
A few niggas get paid erybody want a piece
Shit start goin wrong erybody wanna leave
Record sales low erybody wanna beef
(No matter where I go) I keep it H double O-D

[Chorus x2]

[Lil Flip:]
Ay all my niggas makin forty-five hunnid a week
We overseas blowin trees yeah its somethin to see
Youll never hear me say I dont need the hood
All my niggas gettin fat cause I feed the hood
It aint my fault yall niggas dont leave the hood
I did everything yall aint believe I could
Huh you not ahead of me I got longevity
Im tryin to leave my lil boy a legacy
I got the recipe you wanna make a hit
You not impressin me talkin bout bricks
I made it out the hood and Im still thuggin
Accepted by Hollywood and Im still hustlin
And thats a goddamn shame right?
Oh well Im tryin to get my change right
And youll survive if you play the game right
I fly G-5s I aint gotta change flights

[Chorus x2]

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