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Lil Flip Lyrics What I Been Through Lyrics

(feat. Big T Lil Ron & Young Redd)

Hi this is the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
Today were interviewing Lil Flip (whats up man)
So Lil Flip tell me how long have you been rapping
(man Ive been rapping ever since)...

[Lil Flip]
1995 I was in junior high
I saw a lot of shit so I was glad to be alive
A lot of people died but a lot of people here
And when I turned 15 my vision got clear
Its time to be a man time to make a plan
Its cool to make a hundred but its best to make a grand
My Granny got sick and then they found cancer
We got to pay the doctors but God got the answer
The surgery went good my Granny doing well
My career taking off so I cant go to jail
And to my niggas on the block stop selling rocks
Cause Ima tell the truth you cant outsmart the cops
You see what I did I only drop hits
Chopping up game yall chopping up bricks
And some niggas snitch cause they cant take the heat
How we gone go buy a system when the system got his beat

[Young Redd]
Hey Im from the home of the Astros home of the Rockets
Born to rap yo with a microphone in my pocket
Always thought I was grown you couldnt tell me nothing
I would talk shit if you tried to tell me something
But I regret that I had some minor setbacks
Old people thought my future would be jet black
All my years growing up I thought life was a game
You cant make it real far thinking life is a game
Yeah we lost a couple of friends I almost lost my brother
I dont know what would of happened if we lost each other
Everyday is something new I just take it in stride
You only got one life so enjoy the ride
Sometimes I was paid sometimes I was broke
Me and Gray started hustling but my mama didnt know
But its cool cause now Im into this music
The man gave us a gift and we loving to use it
And if you look real close youll see
That you can only be you and I can be me
Cause cant nobody ever live my life but me
But you will never see what I see like me huh me

[Chorus: Big T - 2x]
And you dont know what Ive been through
So you shouldnt judge me
And you dont know what I will and I wont do
So you shouldnt judge me

[Lil Ron]
Its getting harder now I just dont understand
Why the people in the world disgrace the black man
All that I could say is pray and let it be
Little right and try your best not to end up like me
See I was the nigga that slang dope and steal cars
Glad I stopped before it led behind bars
Heart aches and scars help me feel my way
Understand today I got a decision to make
Now do I wanna live right or continue going wrong
Im never at home this music keep a nigga gone
But this is what gets me who are you to judge
Cause Im young and black people still hold a grudge
Just a nudge right nowd push me over the end
When I was 14 I lost a very close friend
And ever since then my life aint been the same
Thats the biggest reason why I had to make a change

[Lil Flip]
Never judge a book by its cover a man by his wealth
And if you already on your feet why dont you help somebody else
This what I was taught so thats what I live by
Cause you cant take none of this shit with you when you die
So everyday I try to keep my head high
But these bird ass niggas always jump fly
Should I take em out the game naw Ima use my brain
Ima kill em with kindness and blow up my name
I came from nothing and now I got a little change
A nigga happy now but I went through some pain
And everytime it rain theres gone be some sunshine
I never thought I could put my whole life in one rhyme

[Chorus - 2x]

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