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Lil Flip Lyrics Whats My Name Lyrics

[Chorus: Lil Flip]
(They call him Lil Flip)
who was the one that had yall leanin to the left?
(They call him Lil Flip)
who got the hottest rap album on the shelf?
(They call him Lil Flip)
who went platinum with one video?
(They call him Lil Flip)
who smokin dro in every state he go?
(They call him Lil Flip)
who made the world say I can do dat?
(They call him Lil Flip)
Im ridin spinners on my Cadillac
(They call him Lil Flip)
who got everybody wearin yellow diamonds?
(They call him Lil Flip)
I aint Baby but you know Im big tymin

[Verse 1: Lil Flip]
Me and Greg Street ridinin a red Jeep
we doing one-fifty nigga I bet you cant catch me
you gon respect me-my glock nine protect me
Im the one on How Im Livin with the candy Jetski
elevators in my crib Burberry in my car
fire dro by the jar burn rubber on the tar
I like to show off-I use to be the class clown
but my teacher always said Flip sit youre ass down
or you can leave the class now so I left and got paid
but dont get it twisted I made straight As
but school didnt pay so I started to rap
Cause I wanna ride rims I dont want no hub-caps
so I picked up my pen but I really dont need it
if I aint in the magazine then I really want read it
I cant be defeated cause Im workin too hard
oh my gosh that boy rims still spinnin on his car


[Verse 2: Lil Flip]
I get respect on the East I get respect on the West
got plenty jewels on my neck got 22s on my Lex
Im 22 years old with 22 bad hoes
cause real playas get chose if you dont know now ya know
you know I got crazy flow and I make crazy dough
Cause whenever Im shoppin I make em close down the sto (store)
you know we ballin for real nigga Im tellin the truth
so if I ever go broke sorry Im sellin the Coupe
but that aint gonna happen-cause Im a keep on rappin
and if I keep on grindin Im a keep goin platinum
so people think Im cappin but Im just livin my life
Cause I married the streets dogg and thats my wife


[Verse 3: Lil Flip]
So thats me and everything gotta feed
I should be payinrent cause I live on BET (They call him Lil Flip)
yep yep thats my other nickname
(Daaaaammmnnn!) Yep thats my other big chain (They call him Lil Flip)
Im in the Hummer you aint ready for my whip game
rims so big my adapters wont fit mayne
look at my kicks mayne all of em custom
I gotta make it cause I cant go back to hustlin
Im focused man with no distractions
Im multiplying money nigga no subtraction
just relaxing and livinit up
nigga you aint no pimp so give me that cup

[Chorus: Lil Flip]

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