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Lil Flip Lyrics Youz a Trick Lyrics

Woah Woah Woah (Youz A Trick)
Woah Woah Woah Here we go!

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Dont spend no money Im a pimp - Im a pimp
Why you keep spendin money - youze a trick
Youz a trick (Youz a trick)

[Lil Flip]
Aye once again Im back with the flow to make all yall haters mad
Im at the club every night but I aint trickin cash
poppin bottles f*ckin models you know we do it big
clip with hollows if you follow me Im a split ya wig
we thirty deep at the club we all iced out
Clover Gs party until they cut the lights off
drinkin smokin chillin you know we get it crunk boy
VVSs in my ear this how you stunt boy
on the East they roll dutches-we smokin blunts boy
when we get in town look at the line in the front boy
now listen ma you know you rollin with a G right
and half of my crew already got three stripes
yall gettin three mics-Im gettin four and better
that nigga wanna f*ck you I just want yocheddar
Im on another level take a look at my bezzel
if yobaby daddy wanna fight-tell him its whatever


[Lil Flip]
Aye I got my cash up my top down-these hoes think Im hot now
grippin grain diamond chain five karat rocks now
dont nobody get it poppin like my crew do it
if the music too fast homey Im a Screw it
24s on H2s drop top candy blue
ya friend wanna leave with me but shit Im tryna leave with you
I can show you off my game pimpin aint gonnever change
get my money in arrange you might get a Clover chain
I be drivin state to state pimpin hoes makin cake
Clover Gs collared shirt tennis shoes baby they (woooh)
I do drive but half of the time Im too high
alligator air force ones girl Im too fly (wooooh)
cause Im caked up-my wrist Jacd up
I dont know why these niggaz hate us
but Im a stay paid and chop on blades
cause everytime you trick my money get made (yeah)


(Youz a trick repeated until the end)

[Thanks to jllg17 for adding these lyrics]

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