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Ludacris Lyrics Not Long Lyrics

[Hook - Usher:]
If you look to the stars youll find that your not far from me
And if you follow your heart youll find that youll be one of them
And not long [x5]

[Verse 1 - Ludacris:]
Long days half sober nights
Unsigned performing at every open mic
God is all I needed to believe in me
Haters I tune them out they were on another frequency
My momma never winded my decision
And all the bright lights never blinded out my vision
Music was my passion and my first crush
Im just tryna ride the waves baby surfs up
When Im down music gets me worked up
Plus in all my shows it gets womans to pull they skirts up
What can I say Im turnt up
Im on fire these other rappers is burnt up


[Verse 2 - Ludacris:]
Yeah what an imagination
Im a dreamer losing my concentration
Head in the clouds to trace my observations
Just connect the dots to all of the constellations
Looking for signs thats astrological
And I dont dream big my dreams are astronomical
So when critics write articles of my chronicles
I wonder if my hunger is felt and they abdominal
Hiding from life daily distraction
Where thoughs become things from the power of attration
And Im attracted to money and beautiful woman
Ha and toasting to new beginnings yeah


[Verse 3 - Ludacris:]
Look its not long til the fights over
The turbulence is non stop till the flights over
So when passangers panic just stay silent
And realize its never too late to become the pilot
I fly higher take control of my destiny
The first step I needed me to invest in me
Its still an every day struggle for wealth
Id rather struggle to working for me than working for someone else
And Im steady tryna ease the stress
So I open up all the doors with the key to success
If it hasnt been done then Imma do it first
Cuz Im the master of the Ludaverse


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