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Ludacris Lyrics Problems Lyrics

They say Luda would you rather have the money or the fame? and I steady try to tell em that it all just depends
Cause every time I make a little more money I seem to be losin more of my friends
So Id give it all up to repeat life over and theyd say Dude is a fool
I cant trust another motherf*cker livin in this world and this really got me losin my cool
What would youd do if you were in my situation and the minute everyone you ever loved to say you looked up?
You drink your pain to the bottom of a bottle and the Conjure would have you f*cked up
So Im lookin for love in all the wrong places pop pills drink liquor by the cases
Get high make a woman get low in the strip club lookin for familiar faces
People know me on a first name basis but all they ever really wants my cash
Let me borrow just a couple hundred dollars and you know that Im a pay you back my ass
This world so superficial this world done lost my trust
They say Ludacris you changin but I really dont give a F*CK!
What the hell am I suppose to think? What the hell am I suppose to do?
Im hearin that the Devils in disguise and Im hearin that the nigga look just like you
They know I walk throw the Valley of the Shadow of Death I dont go astray
And I get down on my knees and pray and I say

[Chorus - Cee-Lo Green (Ludacris):]
(Okay okay okay) I wish my problems would go away
(Okay okay okay) I wish my problems would go away away away
Wish my problems would go away away away

Doc say I need to change my diet cause I really not eatin right
Mama said I need some peace and quite cause Im really not sleepin right
Whats the use of havin all the money and the power in the world if I cant abuse it?
Seems like the only thing thats keepin me together is my music
If it wasnt for that I think I would lose it if it wasnt for that I would go crazy
When nobody went good on they word and the industryd make you feel like F*CK you pay me
Cause I gotta feed family some of the same ones that abandoned me
that still lookin for a hand out til you found out that there aint shit ya handed me
Hah still mad at me? But Im tryin to be the man I plan to be
But cant do it if you callin me for dumb shit thinkin Im innocent Ima plea insanity (ohh!)
Too many distractions and it feels like everyday
So I get down on my knees and pray and I say


I finally made it to the top of the CEO position
But when things dont go their way these artists got all these suspicions
So the weed keep me at peace and I think I need an intervention
Who the f*ck put me in charge of makin all of these decisions?
My position got me stressin like it never did before
Not to mention my best friend drowned and Death was knockin at his door
And it seems like someone in my family is passin away like everyday
So I just look up to the sky and get on my knees and pray and I SAY!!


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