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Lupe Fiasco Lyrics Adoration Of The Magi Lyrics

Youre so smart
Youre like a contemporary museum of art
That farts thats harsh
Narcissism on narcotics
On sharp objects in large pockets
At dark you aint gotta hide it
Keep it metal gear solid
Lead the leaders thats how you file it
Then clobber it
Low on energy find peach cobbler then gobble it
Yeah its food in them drums and boxes
If you beat em up then theyll drop it
And theyll rapidly flicker till they disappear
Blinking gradually quickens till they isnt here
And thats da da da da da da da...
Just to be back in
Reincarnated exact twin
Exact ten exact twelve
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba...
Exact self
Do I really gotta say it?
Didnt we all play it?
Dojo Abobo
Overshore the throat polo
Billy Jimmy
Even on the low low

Why you ready to die? You just a baby
Why them tears up under your eyes? You just a baby
Keep your head up in the sky you just a baby
Quit chasing money never mind you just a baby
(These Maji adore you) [x2]
Why you wanna be born again? You just a baby
Why you playing in the streets? You just a baby

Now lets vogue Martin pose
Downward facing dog warrior pose
Tree pose bridge pose
Triangle pose seated twist (pose pose)
Upward facing dog (pose pose)
Pigeon pose
In this bitch thats vulgar thats yoga
Lets try it again with clothes
And closer enclosure exposures
Quiet is kept like Rosicrucian meet koza nostras on Oprahs sofa
With both controllers
Watchin Gazans and ashkenazis ride roller coasters
Say yeah
Yeah lots of options now up is down two player
Now A is jump and B is punch
You seein somethin that werent there
To find friendliness in a nemesis its a old test
3 buttons see somethin
Thats emphasis on genesis


Cant be eyes closed when you side scroll
You not the first person
The first person from your first cursin
To your first cursive
And your curse words is in the curve version
It occurs virgin is the word version
That refers perfect to the first person
In the third verse whos really me
In the third person but prefers the first one thats me
Master cleanse and a syringe
From a gerber until your first burger
Pamper to her depends
Everything between is just drawers
Even in between is no loss
Even where the king is no boss
Meet it with a swing its so south
Unless you Bamm Bamm
Knocking them pitches into the grand stands
In the club watching the women just do them hand stands
Like you a mans man
Thats washing down a ham with the Zam Zam
Who got a baby in here with these strippers?
Shes two weeks pregnant
Didnt even know hes dancing with her damn...


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