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Lupe Fiasco Lyrics Chopper Lyrics

And now Ladies & Gentlemen Lupe Fiasco

[Hook - Lupe Fiasco x2:]
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for a chopper

Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Background check for a chopper
Medical card from Obama
Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper
Background check for a chopper

[Glasses Malone:]
I got my chopper full and my black tee slide
My baby mama done f*cked up on her food stamps
Thats three muscles recertified
Im right niggas be watching they dont want these problems
When them bills due niggas get ready cause no bullshit Im buyin
Im a government baby let me get my cheese let me get my cheese
Got a Chevy trailer in my mama yard sittin on Es
Im bout this fee Im bout this fee
Just know whats free
You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth so dont critique
Look at me nigga just a young hood nigga tryna get this cake
I dont need to be givin out how school gon educate
Filet mignon for my food stamps I know mama credit quite good
So Im out here with this dope money got a big body in my hood
Nigga you see it better believe it this what Im bout
Got a trap house I be boomin in fiends in and out
Cut the J anyway it come nigga section 8
See we straight how much money I make
This block [?]

[Buk of Psychodrama:]
Filet mignon with my food stamps
Would tell you dont really want be the truth
Let me hit you back on my government phone
Still a hood nigga whatcha want me to do?
We get a blunt and a joint out of [?]
Where Im from we be actually hoopin in Jordans
Five dollar white t-shirts and them loose cigarettes
Aint nobody fit to do shit important
People really dont give no f*ck about nothing
Although they may smile and be cordial
Dealin around with the wrong damn crowd
Then bring a frown to my friend [?] warn you
Background check for the chopper
[?] imposters
The murder rate aint back down yet
To the nigga that was tryna say somethin
Some people listen you could be predisposed or be preconditioned
Or speak with the preacher been preaching be the person
To be some process in your progress or be the prevention
I just live my life and I dont stop grindin until God tell me to
I get money I aint gotta sell my soul ho who the hell is you?
They say my kind aint welcome everywhere well I can deal with that
But those who pop they shit get the shit popped outta them its still a fact
So mind your business and stay the f*ck outta mine
Youll shortly find that this is best for everyone involved
All in all [?]

[Hook x2]

Permit dont need permission from a doctor
I been smokin since a pre-teen toddler
I been servin since a jit tryna dodge all the obstacles
My teachers all told me that were probable
Probable cause no crack a never really had it
I was just a nigga in a high price whip
Yea Im just a nigga with an education brought up in the ghetto
Well you better have extension on the clip
Well beef comes around in the town more often than these bitches in motion
I got a yapper five dollars off the streets
Yea Im told for protection more than anything
Dont test my devotion
My first amendment right they violate it anytime we out smokin
Chicago violence boostin up but we just focussin on other environments
[?] more fiends [?]
Apologize cause [?] promotin
Chopper and my bitch they aint kissin light somebody up
You just tell them [?] who stole it
Rich gunplay shit thats all they see thats all they know
Without it kinda hopeless
Said this is in 09 and still no medicare for grandma
I done said out their names and niggas still aint wanna [?]
Lu probly tell me Trouble you gotta put the mack down
Feelin these all in your background
Said this is in 09 and still no medicare for grandma
I done said out their names and niggas still aint wanna [?]
Lu probly tell me Trouble you gotta put the mack down
Feelin these all in your background

[Trae tha Truth:]
I used to run up in your crib with shit that go blaka
Nigga tryna brick my squad like Im Waka
I dont want a single chain I cant rocka
[?] life is a bitch cant stop her
Even if I could I tell em I wouldnt knock her
Til the get the 6 and then swap her
Baby mama tax return new dropper
I might wanna so sip that bitch like Im [?]
All of my whips [?] bought a house
Food stamp get flipped what that water cost?
Yea Im actin like a nigga that aint never had shit
Filet Mignon the house
My little brother on his medical shit from that block street
Nigga health care insured by that guap
More ways than [?] to me [?]
Jackals playin overseas with they yacht
Shit I probly be the same I find drama
Laws out lookin for me like Osama
I dont wanna do no bid yo honor
Still waitin on my one phone call from Obama
Tell em I need the chopper
They tellin me im a fellon
I beat the case and thats it
And I wasnt acquainted with him
But Im tryna make it to Heaven
But they dont want me to make it
Thats why the niggas be tellin me
If I dont get the chopper Imma probly run up inside them
They better gimme a answer Im tryna be cool
If I dont get it then everybody gon fear it
Every week Im finna make em repeat it like they in school
Bed blues everybody open up somethin
You can move all you want just not southern
It aint no thinkin I was playin I am not frontin
The mentality of a goon I am not stuntin

[Hook x2]

Storm is gone now its all clear
The road was long but we all here
[?] I dont care
2014 is our year
Big shout out to the whole streets
This goes out to all that knows me
All yall pussy niggas holies
Yall play tough guys but call the police
Look I dont care I dont share
I keep me a bad bitch around here
I send them choppers around there
When Im somewhere sittin in a lounge chair
Overseas blowin tree blowin green throwin Bs
Livin like life is supposed to be
And if you wanna see it all nigga roll with me
To the top couldnt stop had a major deal but it wouldnt pop
Nigas hated on me but I wouldnt stop
And now life sweeter than a puddin pop
Think so slick come and get me dog
None of yall niggas f*ckin with me dog
Some of yall niggas comin with me dog
None of yall niggas boots fit me dog
You think an echo was yall
You need to think tactical dog
We laughin at yall
While you thinking me and Lu [?]
Seein this shit that keep goin on
Then pick a different zone for your mobile homes
Store fingerprints on your mobile phone
When you sippin that shit we keep blowin on

[Billy Blue:]
Im bout that Im bout that
That billy out in that driveway
Cost more than my house did
F*ck land Im fly today
First class if I fly
Credit card aint mine
Dont know how Im getitn back
But in luxury I arrive
IPhone in my baby name
Long way from that chirp
Strip pole in my bedroom
But Imma kill my daughter if she twerk
Imma kill my daughter if she twerk
Miley Cyrus is that bullshit
But a rednecker cant judge
That for Billy Ray to have to deal with
Record deal f*ck college
Missed out but no pyrex
My Harley got low milage
This white carpet in my project
30 guns in my section none of the homies got [?]
My side bitch and she pregnant
I aint claimin shit but the game
I aint claimin shit but the game
I aint claimin shit but the game
And this one is mine I dont trust his mama
So he dont got my name
Mirrors loose as my [?]
I aint addicted to shit
My weed man on my speed dial

[Hook x2]

Pop pop pop pop pop
AR-15 with collapsible stock
Picket [?] with a 3 point [?]
Wish 150 round magazine and a dot
FMJs by the box nigga
Got the same setup as the SWATs nigga
Shouldnt find that surprising
Cause I bought the muthaf*cka from a cop
Aint seen a lot of brown money as a shorty
Welfare baby cant afford me
Healthcare there I aint worried
Healthcare there I aint worried
Excuse me as I repeat myself
Work twice as hard to complete myself
My opposition is not pretending
When I work twice as hard to defeat myself
F*ck being a hip hop purist
When Im spendin 50 thousand on Securus
At least its a contradiction youll feel us
RIP to the homies but long live the killas
Its why I look at God kinda odd
Cause these are the cards that he deal us
[?] cant feel us Medicare cant heal us
And the mamas cant stop us
And these choppers might kill us
Look these wild niggas in they eyes
In the video its some niggas that done died
Looked the ghosts in the face and I cried
No Wu-Tang just Lu gang when I ride
[?] sayin free the guys like Im dirty
With a clean record but Im cursed
To make a half a million off a verse
Nigga chop

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