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Lupe Fiasco Lyrics Dots & Lines Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
You look just like how Ima be
Sacred geometry
In a line in a line in a line in a line in a line
Three angels in kind on time go straight dont sign

With a platinum plaque
She like Robin George and Jack
The mind fears what the blinds hide
But Im here on the blind side
Hanging up till the line dies
Then off the hook for the crimes try
Get awful looks from tribe tribe unlawful jux we can climb skies
Thats Robin Hood arrows of the richll steal
In Hollywood and featherweight I step by step let it escalate
Till you get it well tell you if I hit it
When you make pie if you dont fidget
Xzibit Pimp My Ride exquisite
We Gs coach us back if we die in business
My Lord is my chemist my sword is some Khemet
Egyptian fonts and ankhs
Scottish write with Montblancs let us stomp
I walk as my father walk master builder is what I thought

[Hook x2]

Where the golden means so the overseer gets overseen
And the over heres are the older things
Can see the bell but dont know the rings
The rings are not sounds but circles
Wear these on your virtues
See through these circles just live Steve Urkel
Till its all universal
And it harmonize and like the Porsche into the larger size
And its dynamic in the high standard
So each degree has a part to price
See big worlds have little worlds that feed on their velocity
And little world have lesser worlds and so on to viscosity

[Hook x2]

The applause and patience of the laws in nature
Override lies and the laws of nations
Pilgrims bear witness at all the stations
Sun positions overcome traditions
Numbers govern our young religions
Dead levels making plum decisions
Perpendicular to the undivision
Thats bad curricular to the unconditioned
Any love less than unconditional is so under Christian its unrepentant
The physical part of my church emits the invisible arts of my work
To make gold from garbage is not the unchemical part of this map
But truth me told its the pursuit of gold
That turns the goal of men into trash
The souls gold and they turning gold into cash
And your reflection is your connection to more collections of more directions and paths
If your reflection is a mask then youre reflective of mass
To see yourself just look at me then split your reflection in half

[Hook x2]

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