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Mario Winans Lyrics 3 Days Ago Lyrics

Time is taking a toll on my life
These days keep on passing me by
I want to see you but theres no time
So i sit here and stare at the sky
And im hopin that you realize i Want to feel you
But theres no time.

Yesterday you said that we could get away
The day before i was alone like any other day
3 days ago i wrote this song just for you
Will i ever get through to you

Time just wont see me eye to eye
Im still waiting for you to reply
I need to hear you but theres no time
So Ill skip this line
I cant deny i miss you
Can we spend more time


Ive waited so long
To wait for you
And spend all my ?
Will i ever get through?
What can i do
To get this through
My love is for you
Your love is for me

I just cant waste any more time
So tell me whats with you and i
I waited for you so give me time

[Chorus 2x]

Baby..Baby...oh will i ever get
Through to you baby....

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