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Mario Winans Lyrics How I Made It Lyrics

(feat. Loon)

Yeah this song right here
Is about a young man
Whos endured a lot of twists and turns in his life
Cause he always kept his head up stayed focused
This mans name is Mario Winans listen

[Chorus - Mario Winans]
What makes you think I cant make it?
Put me to the test Ill take it
Ive been through more trials
But Ive overcome all of them
And Ive never been one for faking
I kept on moving and shaking
And thats how I made it

[Verse - Mario Winans]
Ive seen it all
But I never let no one
Tell me its right when its wrong
Cause I heard it all before
And it gives me a reason to fight for
A right for to do what I gotta do


[Verse - Mario Winans]
All of my life
I was told that you had to go through
Just to get where you want
And if you come across a storm
You just gotta keep holding on and stay strong
And do what you gotta do


[Verse - Loon]
Hey yo I came from the bottom worked my way up
Ran wit big dudes had to get my weight up
Now my cake up now its lights cameras make up
Trips to Jacob foreign countries
Reminisce of times when we all was hungry
Now I made it and all yall niggaz can hate it
Seeing that I sound like Mase and
Knowning that I came from the basement
Did my own thing so face it
Now they coming wit cases now wit this hand Im racist
Im so close I can taste it
Sometimes I just wanna grab toast and take it
But Im a keep moving and shaking
Stay true to my faith and
I aint worried about you Im a make it (Im a make it)


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