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Mario Winans Lyrics You Knew Lyrics

You know...
Oh baby....
You know....
You know the time I was lovin
Girl out of time girl out of time
Girl out of time girl out of time
I was lovin you baby

Every little thing you said
Didnt come from your heart
Now Im laying out in my bed
Wondering what we are
Cause you never meant what you said
And you throw it all on my head
You made me believe that you wanted me
You couldve told the truth instead baby

I dont know why
Didnt realize
You took the time to pick me up
And let me down baby
Look in my eyes you cant deny
That your the reason for the pain I feel inside

When I looked into your eyes
There was nothing I can see
Now Im lost and cant find my way
Cause love has blinded me and Now
I dont know what to do nothing that have to prove
You played me for a fool all the time I was lovin you

Now the things were going
I knew I shouldve left back then
But my heart was steadily growing
Blaming all the man I am
If you felt this way
You shouldve showed it
You shouldnt ever took so long
Made it cleared that you dont care
Where did I go wrong baby?

[Bridge + Chorus]

[Slim with Mario]
You said you loved me
But Im lonely again
Its gonna take time for me
Yes you did Yes you did
You couldve told me
That you dont love me anymore
Somebody tell me why baby


[Slim with Mario]
Cant act like you didnt know
Didnt owe it all that time
But I cant blame you
I shouldve known
When I looked into your eyes
Girl so many nights of sittin alone
I just sit and wonder why
Baby what you did was dead wrong
Didnt have to lie

[Chorus to fade]

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