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Maxwell Lyrics Listen Hear Lyrics

Listen hear baby
Listen close hear
Cause nothing here is gone
The thing still strong
Whenever things go wrong
Whenever things go left
You can be in charge
Cause I wont regret the way that I feel yet
And nevertheless Im here for you
And youre the one the only thing that makes me want to stand up for you and me
To stand up for you baby

Cause nothing is wrong
Nothing is wrong
Everythings right
Were gon be strong
We gon be strong

Listen hear
Pay attention my dear
Open your eyes see me more clear
Im confusing at times sometimes I might lie
Im scared and Im shy
To show you just how weak I am
Because sometimes I am not the kind of man I would like to be

Cant you see
Im scared afraid
Destroyed be everything that I might un-make

Theres a hole inside theres something in me that tries to destroy it tries to deny the
Destiny that Ive been given
Because the life Ive chosen is not the life that I should be living
Oh listen hear
Listen hear
Nothing is wrong

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