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Moneybagg Yo Lyrics Interlude Lyrics

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system

What you doin lil bruh?
This Zeebo you never answer ya phone
I know you locked in
Got this label on ya back
Lets do it man keep going love

Hey just checking on you to see how you doing
Dont let anything or anyone get in your way
Cause its only up from here

Ayo Bagg whats up nigga?
This Gotti man Im just calling to check-in on you lil bro
I know you know we come from a place man
Where instead of letting pain become a distraction
We gotta learn how to live with it adapt to it and use it for motivation

Pain weakness if you allow it and its strength if you use it correctly
Nah mean?

Hey daddy this DeMya
I miss you I wish I could see you
And you the best daddy in the whole world

Wassup dad its its me Omarrion
Hey we had just wanted to call to see what you was doing

Hey dad I miss you and I love you
And I wish you was here so we can play ROBLOX

Hey dad this me Mario and we so proud of you dad
We love you aight bye

Hi daddy love you

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