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NeYo Lyrics Integrity Lyrics

She dont really drink much so she say
But by the way she was putting in the Malibu Reds away
She was either bout that life
Tryna front but tryna get right
Or maybe she work hard everyday at her job
And she feel like she deserve to turn up tonight
Either way miss lady bad as a Toblerone sugar rush
I drew her near whispered in her ear
I think that Im developing a little crush
She said Nice try but every short skirt
that done walked by has successfully caught your eye
No thanks but Im sure that youre a nice guy
Damn I had no reply cause she was right
Newly single so Ive been a little thirsty
She was more than just a booty in a skirt she
Walked a way I caught up to her in a hurry
I said Can I at least know your name before your dead me
She turned around and said My names integrity
Integrity can you answer this for me

[Hook x2:]
Baby where do you wanna go?
Ill do what you say
She puttin it to the top
She said take me all the way
Matter of fact Ill meet you there
Woah now Im feelin love

Oh Integrity
I think that I need you and me babe
And me babe

[Hook x2]

Integrity damn

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