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NeYo Lyrics Take You There Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Youre shaking tell me what is the matter babe?
Do I make you a little nervous? Girl dont be afraid
Im not here to hurt you just the opposite indeed
You can let your guard down baby youre safe in here with me

If you let me take control
Girl I got you I swear
More passion than youve ever known
Im about to (take you there)
And you can keep your eyes closed
But baby dont be scared
Hold on here we go
Im about to (take you there)

[Verse 2:]
These arms are for for your warmth and protection girl
Lay your head on my chest just chill before we start the session girl
Im gonna put my love in you baby
Gonna give you all of me
Just a [?] of my love baby
Bite your lip and grip the sheets


[Verse 3:]
Just let go go on and let yourself give it up
Your body worshipped by mine is what this night holds for us
And if we happen to fall in love Im not opposed
Grown enough to handle a real baby
But lets not sweat it right now
All I want you to do is focus on how it feels baby

[Hook x2]

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