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Petey Pablo Lyrics 919 Lyrics

Ohhhhh (North Carolina)
On top (yall better come on)
Harvest (yall bettter come on!)
Petey Pablo (cmon!)
Abnormal huhhh

9-1-9 motherf*ckerrrrr
(WHAT!) 9 (WHAT!) 1 (WHAT!) 9 motherf*cker
9-1-9 motherf*cker
Im representin NINE ONE NINE motherf*cker!

[Petey Pablo]
Born and raised precious year 73
Back then we knew how shit was gon be MOTHERF*CKER!
What you know about this year my neck of the woods
My nigga my hood my God – they good to us Carolina
Love my liquor house club my big girl my son a thug
My big family with fifty-eleven cousins
Ya heard? Huhhhh Southern Magnoila belle
No Limit ouisiana Dungeon A-T-L
Its a chain here we the nation jump on boats with a load
Get this Carolina show on the road
Whodie I want billboards with my face all across the world
With a outline of my state nigga puffin it up
Yall feelin us to the point you sloshin shit out your cup
So the f*ck WHAT they playin a club cut bout us
Slosh out the rest of us AHHHH feel the rhyme
Holla motherf*ckin 9-1-9 uhhhhhh

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

[Petey Pablo]
Look at us baby on our way to fortune and fame
Your main man done f*cked around and got us a name
A motherf*cker dont really want a train-train
but it still came and aint stop the thang yknowmsayin?
Now we in the game dont know it now oh you bound to bust down
Oh its on now! I put my whole STATE through the door
Ohhh Lord how you let them do that folk?
Like Im losin control runnin motherf*ckers off the road one-double-O
95 South til I get home mannnn
The country had to come there poppa I love home
And comin home like I love my momma pop the champagne partner
F*ck it drink it straight out the bottle
F*ck work tomorrow Carolina havin a party
Get drunk as you wanna get whatll get you tight
Tonight is a nigga night aight? Nigga get right
Now with all your might holla like your best friend died
And his help number is 9-1-9 one time

[Chorus - echoes at the end]

The number you requested area code 9-1-9 will be automatically dialed...

[Petey Pablo]
What what!
The whole feelin of this 9-1-9 give you the type of
9-1-9 kind of get high
Nigga this the code of the world (people)
You aint gotta be from the 9 just holla loud spit the shit out
Man they lovin the South loved it before but even more now
Later who wants a response from the crowd
Look how my niggaz holdin it down
Screamin like they shit here out (it is how!)
Motherf*cker feel the power!
Represent yo stompin ground
Show em how it is at the house yall sold the f*ck out
All together now please I need you so wow
Just the law niggaz turned it down comin too loud

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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