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Petey Pablo Lyrics My Testimony Lyrics

with no hopes
and my will to live
barely a care in this world to me
i found a way
kidnapped and confined
within a system designed
to destroy the inncocent child that i use to be
it stripped me mentally naked
embarrassing my mommas first born
did i deserve that kind of fate?
Was all that was happening to me
really written in the powerfull and allmighty book of life?
I dont think so
My tears would soak the pages that i write upon
if i couldnt close the windows to my soul
and stand strong in the midst of these storms
Maybe my story is
in some way or another fimilar with yours
is that why this aint even a song
but yet you still.. you wanna here this once more
i play this everytime i wanna reflect from
which ive come from
to help me see were it is im trying to go
and even though grandma and our sisters
left me some time ago
i still go by and sit on the front porch as if i dont even know
but im getting better
my mom
my two sisters...ebony and tanya
man i got mikey and shocker now
my homeboyz
and those that love me regardless
Diary of a sinner
another entry
i guess ill finish this tomorrow

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