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Petey Pablo Lyrics Petey Pablo Lyrics

[Petey Pablo talking]
To get with me 2000
Yo Pete I think they ready for you
Give yall some of me

[Hook x2]
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo - Petey Pab
Petey Pablo...Pablo...Pablo

Whats up witcha hot boys hot girls
Came in to see dogg didnt ya cuz
Uh-huh love is love
Thats the reason I hold it down for yall
Yall muhf*ckas do the same for Pun
But Ima keep f*ckin with yall
Kick it like I been kickin with yall
I owe it all to yall
Yall was the muhf*ckas that gave a goddamn
Anything I got nigga you can get half
Word on my grandmama that passed
You stay right by a nigga like me and youll get blessed
Aint f*ckin with that down cuz of what I got
Thats how a nigga get sprung in the back part
Muhf*cka fakin the funk and then a nigga get jumped on
And they dont know where it come from
Bet they do punk-ass tell the truth
Petey done what he said hed do
Came home where Im at now hit the road Im out
Everytime I open my mouth ya hear Dirty South
D-D-Dats what Im talkin bout
My muhf*ckin names been in an out yo mouth
My nigga my neck uv da woods
Give a shout out North Carolina in tha house
Shit got a lot better while I got a lot fedda
House got a lot bigger truck got a step betta
Folks think Im out of my mind
Im out of line a lot of times
I dont give a f*ck about guidelines
Do what I wanna do when I wanna do it
You-you aint like what Im doin you aint got to
I aint mad at ya but eventually
You gon find yourself callin me

[Hook x1 1/2]

One of the realest said I came on his first joint
Like how the niggaz on the second and third
Runnin the world greatest I aint put it in words
Jumpin and settin my muhf*ckin top boy
Representin my crew you know
Aint too many that put it down like I do
North Cac-this North Cac-that
Ima hit ya back to back wit that muhf*ckin hot shit
Yall ready to get it (Yeah) ready to set it (Yeah)
Headin up in two headers nineteen two-thousand shit is headed
Pump the magnetic apoletic cosmetic
Cosmotolic just paramedic slash schizophrenic
Energetic you spaz in minutes and milliseconds
PLay the wrong video-edit do you like Puff did it
Go to court get the charges aquitted
Muhf*cka like O.J. muhf*cka like no wins
Yeah you know nigga like WHOA win
Rah Digga video Black Rob in the new Down Atlanta
Me and Bus doin interviews slangin wood around town
F*ckin two at a time muhf*cka thats all he aint got some
How you like the sound Petey three sound
Hip-hop R&B and underground here playa
Its me this year WHAT MY NAME IS

[Hook x2 repeats Petey till end]

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