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R. Kelly Lyrics 12 Play  Lyrics

Verse 1: 
Yo I got 12 things to say and 12 ways to say em 
Check it out check it out 
Do you mind 
I if I give you some of my 
12 play yeah 
Do you mind baby 
Do you mind if I 
Give you some of my 
12 play 

12 play give em a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play give em a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play 

1 Well go to my room for fun 
2 Then Ill say give me your tounge 
3 Cause tonight Im gonna fulfill your fantasy yell 
4 Lie down on the floor 
5 Cannot wait to cum inside 
6 Anything thats broken Ill fix 
7 Spread your legs apart 
8 Feel me Im so hard 
9 See I want you from behind with that bump and grind yeah 
10 Baby climb on top of me 
11 Up and down well go youll see 
12 And thats when I go down on my knees giving you some of my 

Chorus(2 times) 

R Kelly (ad-lib) 
See everything going be alright 
Once I give you some of my 12-play 
Hey hey 
Is it alright 
Tell me baby 
Is it alright 
If I give you just a little bit of my 12-play 
Just a little bit of my 
Just a little dab more baby of my 12-play 
And you wont regret 
Come one and let me drive you crazy 
I been stroking you up and down 
Spinning you all around 
Change your frown to a smile 

Verse 2: 
Break it down 
Oh yeah yeah yeah 
Oh baby baby baby 
Just a little 12-play 
Weather its morning noon or night 
I can make you feel alright 
(12 play just a little bit) 
Once the lights go down 
Therell be no fooling around 
12 play 

1 2 3 4 5 6 
7 8 9 10 11 12 

12 play 
12 ways to love you baby 
You wont regret it baby 
And you surely wont forget it baby 
After I give you some of my 12 play 
Baby your bodys looking good to me 
And in your eyes I can certainly see it 
That you need some of my 12 play  

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