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R. Kelly Lyrics 12Play Lyrics

"12 Play 

Verse 1: 
Yo I got 12 things to say and 12 ways to say em 
Check it out check it out 
Do you mind 
I if I give you some of my 
12 play yeah 
Do you mind baby 
Do you mind if I 
Give you some of my 
12 play 

12 play give em a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play give em a little bit 
12 play just a little bit 
12 play 

1 Well go to my room for fun 
2 Then Ill say give me your tounge 
3 Cause tonight Im gonna fulfill your fantasy yell 
4 Lie down on the floor 
5 Cannot wait to cum inside 
6 Anything thats broken Ill fix 
7 Spread your legs apart 
8 Feel me Im so hard 
9 See I want you from behind with that bump and grind yeah 
10 Baby climb on top of me 
11 Up and down well go youll see 
12 And thats when I go down on my knees giving you some of my 

Chorus(2 times) 

R Kelly (ad-lib) 
See everything going be alright 
Once I give you some of my 12-play 
Hey hey 
Is it alright 
Tell me baby 
Is it alright 
If I give you just a little bit of my 12-play 
Just a little bit of my 
Just a little dab more baby of my 12-play 
And you wont regret 
Come one and let me drive you crazy 
I been stroking you up and down 
Spinning you all around 
Change your frown to a smile 

Verse 2: 
Break it down 
Oh yeah yeah yeah 
Oh baby baby baby 
Just a little 12-play 
Weather its morning noon or night 
I can make you feel alright 
(12 play just a little bit) 
Once the lights go down 
Therell be no fooling around 
12 play 

1 2 3 4 5 6 
7 8 9 10 11 12 

12 play 
12 ways to love you baby 
You wont regret it baby 
And you surely wont forget it baby 
After I give you some of my 12 play 
Baby your bodys looking good to me 
And in your eyes I can certainly see it 
That you need some of my 12 play  


Back To The Hood Of Things

Wud up yo im R.Kelly i rape 14 year old girls
and tape it
f*ck yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo yo yo yo
ho ho ho ho
merrrrrry ChristmasMAS!!!!!!!
We goin back to the hood of things
got to get my Bling-Bling
and my ching-ching!!!!
ask if you could come back home
sorry you left me all alone
then Yell!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bump N Grind

My mind is tellin me no but my body my bodys tellin me yes
I (baby) dont want to hurt nobody
But there is something that I must confess........... (chill)

[Chorus: repeat 4x]
I dont see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind
I dont see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind

See I know just what you want and I know just what you need girl
So baby bring your body to me (bring your body here)
Im not fooling around with you baby
My love is true (with you) with you is where I want to be girl see
I need someone someone like me to satisfy your every needs

[Chorus 4x]

You say hes not treating you right
Then lady spend the night now
Ill love you like you need to be love (girl why dont you try some of me)
No need to look no more because Ive opened up my door
Youll never feel another love you see
I need someone someone like me girl to make love to you baby constanly

[Chorus 4x]


For You

I understand your every needs and how you feel about the way he left you.
Take my hand come go with me.
And let me show you how much Icare about you.
Girl when you need someone...
Girl Ill be right there when you need me
All you have to do is just call me
Ill be there for you.
Girl its true.
Only for you.
oh yeah..
If I told you once
I told you twice that if you need to cry
Ill be your shoulder.
Girl I would never say goodbye.
Ill be your miracle gotta let you know.
Girl if you need someone...
[music playing]
You need a man whos
Gotta be
and someone
girl Im gonna be
and Im gonna be
Girl you need someone
I need you to know that Ill be there for you whenever you need me.
[Chorus fade]


Homie Lover Friend

Homieee lover friend is what im looking for
Some one who can relate to what i have in store
She can kick back with da hommies play the stake and getting played
That down to earth gyirl from around the world hey
We will be together for all times i need a hommie lover freind that will alway
Be mine

A hommie lover friend is what im looking for

She can relate to my sex drive
Cuffing her booty while we dance and she dont mind
Shes got everything that a man could ever want and more
Yes she does
And her sexy gangsta way shes got me all up in a day
Homie lover friend is what i need for always


Shes the kinnda lady that will do n e thing for me
That she truely loves yeh she love
Felloers u no she would yehhh
She s sum kind of sadie
She will satisfy me


I Like The Crotch On You

I like the ... with big booties in em
I like the crotch on you
I want what youve got baby

Girl I like those daisy dukes on you
Girl you look so fine I wanna get with you
So tell me whos your man
We will have a talk with him


It Seems Like Youre Ready

Temperatures rising
And Your bodys yearnin for me.
Girl lay it on me
I place no one above thee
Oh take me to your ecstasy.

It seems like youre ready (seems like youre ready).
Girl are you ready
To go all the way?
It seems like youre ready (seems like youre ready).
Girl are you ready
To go all the way?

I can smell your perfume
Step into my bedroom
Let me love you constantly.
Ohoh your body is my playground
Let me lick you up and down
Make you feel like a woman should.

It seems like youre ready (seems like youre ready).
Girl are you ready
To go all the way?
It seems like youre ready (seems like youre ready).
Girl are you ready
To go all the way?



Early one Sunday morning
Breakfast was on the table
There was no time to
She said to me boy hurry to Sunday school
Filled with the long of glory
We learned the holy story
Shell always have her dreams
Despite the things

This troubled world can bring.


Oh Sadie dont you know we love you sweet Sadie

Place No one above you sweet Sadie

Well Well Well

Living in the past

Sometimes it seems so funny no money can turn your life around

Sweeter than cotton candy
Stronger than papas old Brandy
Always that needed
Once in awhile she would break down and cry
Sometimes shed be so
Being with us and daddy
Standing the worst of times
Breaking the
Binds with just a simple song


Oh Sadie
Shes Loving my song in a special way
Sweet Sadie
Living in the
Oh shes never sinning in Love shes always winnin
My my my my my
Love you mama
I just cant forget how you gave me love oh no
If theres a
Heaven up above I know shes teaching angels how to love
Its a mean world
Without ya
And I surely miss you much mother
And now that your gone Im
Gonna carry on
Cause your cryin lady
Ooh sadie
When I think about the
Things that you done for me
Hey it brings a joy way down deep inside of me

Oh oh oh oo oh
See I love you mama
Yes I do
Ill never forget you mama no
Oh oh oh


Sex Me (Part 1) / Sex Me (Part 2)

Yea 1993 Check this freaky style i was born with

I feel so freaky tonight
And i need someone to make me feel alright
So bring your body here baby
Lady have no fear
Im gonna fulfill your fantasies
Just as long as you

Sex me
Come on come on come on come on

Sex me baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex me baby sex me.

Come over here and let me take off your clothes
Cause things I wanna do to you nobody has to know(know baby).
Just lay your body right here
Lady have no fear cause ecstacy is near (ooh baby)
Any unexpected positions bring it on.
Any secret fantasies you see Ill fulfill as long as you sex me.

Sex me baby baby sex me (sex me baby) sex me sex me baby sex me.

Now let me feel your body next to mine.
Cause girl I wanna feel you sweat girl
Youre so very wet.
Now put me inside of you do what you wanna do.
Cause you got a need for me and I got a need for you(baby any)
Any unexpected positions (bring it on)
Any secret fantasies you see Ill fulfill as long as you sex me.


Umm..let me kiss you in the right place
So I can see sex me baby
Written on your face
Slow baby slow baby steady as we go.
Up and down to a sixty-nine tempo.
Yeah turn your body parts around
And let me hear you make a
Ooh-ah sound.
Cause Im your lover man.
So call your other man and say you
Found another man.

[Chorus 3x]


Summer Bunnies

Girl you know you knock me out
Youre a real girl with your looks now baby
Girl you know you knock me out

*Summer bunnies drive me crazy
[repeat 4 times with ad libs]

1234 its time for me to jet
Where ya goin off to?
The beach thats a bet
Its summertime so its time to get a summer bunny

Some of those and I wont call em whores
Cause in the 90s you gotta respect the ladies
So step up to em and say we love you sweet Sadie
Thats how you get your true mock on but
Brothers be steppin up poppin that sad song

Hey dont I know you from somewhere?
Can we go somewhere to be alone?
I pull up in the lot pop the trunks
Make their heads bob
And its sunny so its time to get a summer bunny


Its five oclock and my voice code is 22
So beep beep beep its time for me to make a move
Im on my way to a picnic we got time
But I wanna be early fool
So I can catch the new bunnies comin in
Like the old school

Strollin the block so I can check the scenery
The sun plays the day is feelin good to me
I can just semll the funky beats
You know the flavor in between the sheets

I told my boy Big Al said just keep it straight
Said I know I got a novelty to validate
So whos the bunny lookin sweet like a honeycomb?
He said ""No my brother you got to get your own""


This party is packed word to the mother
I love it when theres three bunnies to one brother
And wine coolers is what Im packin
And when I get my buzz on is when I start bunny-jackin

Jackin fools for their bunnies
Cause Im the K the E the double L the Y
They wanna get with me
And the PAs in the house
So check check check it out

My stomach is growlin so its time to get mine on
Some soul food Kool Aid and you know its on
I hate to eat and run but Im out my homie
Been invited to a block party

So we roll up in all our style
With the brothers yellin summer bunnies


Lets break it down -
Youre lookin feel good with your boots on baby [3 times]

[ad lib]

[*Repeat to fade]


Your Bodys Callin

Yeah I dont want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight Im gonna give you all the little things
I know youve been waiting for
So brace yourself and listen

I hear you callin ""Here I come baby""
To save you oh oh
Baby no more stallin
These hands have been longing to touch you baby
And now that youve come around to seein it my way
You wont regret it baby and you surely wont forget it baby
Its unbelieveable how your bodys calling for me
I can just hear it callin callin for me

[1] - My Bodys callin for you
My Bodys callin for You
My Bodys callin for you
My Bodys callin for You

Tell me whats your desire
Baby your wish is my deal oh yes it is baby
Let me take you higher
Show you how you should feel baby
Oh So we speak now and forever hold your body
Whatever it is you want from me baby
You see you dont have to say nothing
Knowing your body wants something
And its easy for me to see
That your bodys callin for me

[Repeat 1]

Im listening baby
I hear you callin me
Im listening baby
I hear you callin me
Im listening baby
I hear you callin me
Im listening baby
I hear you callin me

[Repeat 1 until fade out]

Copyright: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group"

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