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R. Kelly Lyrics For You Lyrics

I understand your every needs and how you feel about the way he left you.
Take my hand come go with me.
And let me show you how much Icare about you.
Girl when you need someone...
Girl Ill be right there when you need me
All you have to do is just call me
Ill be there for you.
Girl its true.
Only for you.
oh yeah..
If I told you once
I told you twice that if you need to cry
Ill be your shoulder.
Girl I would never say goodbye.
Ill be your miracle gotta let you know.
Girl if you need someone...
[music playing]
You need a man whos
Gotta be
and someone
girl Im gonna be
and Im gonna be
Girl you need someone
I need you to know that Ill be there for you whenever you need me.
[Chorus fade]

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