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R. Kelly Lyrics Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 11) Lyrics

Now the midget begain to wake up cause he fainted from all the maddest...he see 3 guns pointed around the room he stand and says I have nothing to do
with this...then I said hold up you look familler..do I know you from somewhere?then he says man i get around..you might know my face from here or there
Then james says take a good look cause you might not ever see his face again...
Twon says man what the hell is that smell? s-nnn...somebody then broke wind!and then bridget start cryin while she lookin aroundI said im sure we can
work this out but first lets put the guns down...then bridget crys
james first then he said no you go!then I say just do it the sametime and they both look at me and said no!
And then Twon says man let me shootem all and I said we cant do that and beside man you just got out of prison and ill be damn if you going
back...then bridget says Ill would drop the gun if he promise not to hurt big manthen james says thats what you call-em- (ahh)thats his name big
man! then Twon says man is that ya name?he yells yea!we laught hot mess then I say man why they call you that?and said because im bless...
Then I start shakin my head put the gun down sayin this is to much for me!said I cant take no more then heard it all this shit bout to drive me
crazy...and then I say man I shouldnt never took my ass to the parjays club...
Then big man says parjays..I been there that probally where you know me fromthen james says hey hey Chuck and Rufus lets get back to the matter of
handthen Sylvester says cool but first there just 1thing I gotta understand...james says whaaat?
Then Sylvester says how do you know Chuck and Rufus?and police says spss..what you talkin bout man?
You said Chuck and Rufus..then bridget says hun my stomach then Twon says who the hell is Chuck and Rufus?...pointed my gun and said talk to me
james..I said Rufus Chuck? then bridget says ima bout throw-up-
James says my wife is sick..Twon says man dont believe that shit... I said how did ya wife get sick?...
He says she 3months pernacy!then we all said ooo shit!
Then bridget says honey thurrs something I have to tell yathen james says no baby you dont have to say a word right now...then says but
james..then he says rest bridget while I get these fools up out my house...pointed the gun at us and yells leave...said my wife is sick..then Twon look
at him and said muthaf*cka you crazy..watch where you point that shit!...then bridget says james nooo...Sylvester gets a phone call...its Gwendolyn
askin him is everything ok...and he says hell naw! he hangs up.. then big man says look man im just a stripper... I say stripper?Twon says a midget... he
says I strip at this club called dixie and that is where I meet bridget...Bridget says james he says not now..she says hun please let me explain...then
Twon whisper in my ear and says Sylvester let me do this nigga james...then Big man over hear us and takes his inhaler again..then I said im not killin no
cop...james movin closer to them with the gun..then bridget yellin stopstopstop and then she says I admitted I did it I paid em...then james cuts
her off and says baby you dont have to say nothing...then she says no james I think you need to hear this...see I been coverin for you a long time..
never said what was on my mind...I even follow you a few times...and when I say you with her you act like I was blind..james says wait a minute bridget
just what are you tryin tell me?...not only im I sleepin with big man but hes my babys daddy...whoooo the midget faints again...while Twon in Sylvester
is trippin...the midget is the babys.....daddy....whoo

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