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R. Kelly Lyrics Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 15) Lyrics

[Tawn:] Well well well if it aint Laverne and Shirley
Tina says hey Tawn Tawn says Pssh bitch dont hey Tawn me
Sylvester says Calm down T he says f*ck that I just did 3 years for these hoes
Roxanne says who you calling a hoe? He says you bitch
She lost control and says Muthaf*cker I kill yo ass
[Sylvester:] Stop! Wait a minute. Lets talk about it before some muthaf*cking body get hurt T
[Twan:] What? With a skillet! Bitch I will... Mannn!
[Roxanne:] Cmon! Damn right! Jump nigga! You better tell em!
[Twan:] F*ck that!
[Sylvester:] Wait a minute nigga think about it 3 years 3 years this time will be worst... now come here
Sylvester takes Tawn to the side
Tina tell Roxanne to calm down then Sylvester says to Tawn
Look now I know you mad but before you go around here making threats
Nigga lets not forget the fact thatcha out but you still on house arrest
Then Tawn says cool man I just wanna ask em some questions about what happened
Sylvester said I feel you but calm ya ass down or nigga you going back in
Tawn says I gotchu house arrest I gotchu I gotchu
T... chill then Tawn walks over to them and says
How you doing ladies Tina Roxanne please excuse me
I mean wheres my manners cause uh that was very rude of me
Tawn Nah I admit the way I came up in here man it was kinda wild
But that aint shit compared to the way things gone be (Tawn! ) if these bitches dont tell me what went down
[Roxanne:] Bastard!
[Sylvester:] T Motherf*cka slow ya roll calm down nigga stop this shit (cmon)
Sylvester f*ck that all because of these bitches my ass got send up on a three-year bid (cmon muthaf*cka)
Whatchu goin do nigga kill these bitches? Yeah And then what then what?
Life nigga... theyll lock yo ass up and throw away the key
Then Tawn starts thinking about it while Tina and Roxannes watching him
And I say man forget about it he says no I say well let me talk to them
He say they slick ass man you cant trust them
Nigga it aint about me trusting them its about you trusting me right now...
Nigga whats wrong with you are you crazy you forgot I did 5 years in the pen myself
Now Im telling you Im not going back for you these bitches and no motherf*ckin body else
So let me talk to em... I got this
Sylvester takes out his gun and shows it to the ladies walks up to em and says now ladies
He takes the cigarette out of Roxannes ear and says ladies ladies ladies ladies
He walks over to the counter and sits down
He puts the gun on the counter goes into his pocket and pull a cigarette lighter out
And then he lights the cigarette blows smoke and then says
Now ladies its very obvious that we have a problem here
Alot of questions unanswered lets answer em so we can get out of here
Hmm... safe that is
He flicks ashes and says ok which one of yall going start talking first?
Then Tina start crying saying it was suppose to be a simple operation
And Roxanne says if we delivered muscle man here said it would be a vacation
Tawn says man Ill show you a vacation (Tawn) send yall ass straight to the motherf*cking moon
Tawn what did I tell you? Ladies continue
Then Roxanne said on the way to Atlanta everything was going smooth
Up until Tawn starts smoking trees and acting like a fool
And thats real got the radio loud bumping Mary Jane just swerving and shit.
Did you tell him to stop? Yeah I told him to stop but he just kept yelling out talkinbout Im Rick James bitch
Sylvester looks at Tawn Tawn says man I was drunk
Sylvester said drunk... you was drunk
Tawn said man I dont know I was just tryna have a lil fun With a whole lotta heat in the trunk
Man Im disguised nigga know wonder why yo ass got busted
Then Tawn says man who side are you on anyways theres?
Then Sylvester said well lets see represent dangerment loud music with drugs in the trunk nigga yeah
Tawn says man this is some bullshit Roxanne says can I finish?
Please Sylvester says she says well to make a long story short
Tina says Roxanne girl let me explain
See Tawn was kinda acting wildin calling us all out of our names
Then Roxanne starts cursing and screaming and meanwhile Im in the backseat
Then all I know is I look behind me I say oh shit here comes the police
Roxanne said next thing you know Tawn started speeding yelling out they aint goin stop us
Tina says a few minutes later here come these squat cars and a f*cking helicopter
Sylvester said did he stop then? Tina says no!
Roxanne says but luckily that raggity ass car he was driving stopped on us or where would be who knows
Then Roxanne says anyway here we are the three f*cking stooges laid down in the dirt
Now they putting us in the back of the car Tawn yelling out whatever yall do dont say a f*cking word
And now we at the police station they got us separated off up in these rooms
Yelling all in our ears saying ya man tryna set these drugs belong to you
And Im like what the f*ck they say sister yo light is looking kinda dim
I looked up at Tina and said girl Im not going down not for him
So there you have it Tawn I gave you up it was me!
Tina she protected you Tawn said protected me for what? Tina say cause at the time I was pregnant by you T!

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