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R. Kelly Lyrics Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 21) Lyrics

Sylvester goes home cause he had to change into more something comfortable like another suit
Then he gets back in the car and Tawn looks at him and says Man wheres mine at?
Sylvester says wheres your what? Tawn says My suit!
Sylvester says nigga what make you think you can fit a suit like this? Man Im slim
Shit nigga you be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger in my shit! Just stick to the jogging suits and Timbs
And leave the suits to me Cheah whatever you say bruh-in-law
Tawn listen... cause what we about to go Im gonna need your full undivided attention
Im listen Sylvester starts reminding Tawn of his past and situations like this
When he lost his head and then he looked at Tawn and says
Now when we get there itll be a whole lot of fine bitches in there with drinks in they glass and they hands in the air
But dont get caught up just keep focusing on me
Then will go downstairs itll be a hallway with a couple of pitbulls and armed security up the axe
Yeah this on some ole movie shit Nigga this aint TV you f*ck this up and our ass is grassed... you feel me?
Yeah I feel ya well make sure you do
Nah theyll be a room will go in it itll be about six or seven gentlemen there
Then theyll search and take my gun say nothing just sit down in the chair
Man wouldnt it be better if I stand Nah because they dont like it when you stand
And Tawn whatever you do dont stare

[Joey:] How ya doing Sylvester? What up Joey? Dont say my name whos your new friend?
[Tawn:] Im not a friend Im his br...
[Sylvester:] Bruh-in-law hes my bruh-in-law
[Joey:] Bruh-in-law is he well he smells like a coppa to me
[Tawn:] A what?
[Mob:] Me too boss!
[Tawn:] MANNN!
[Sylvester:] T... ass grassed... that bring any kind of bells to you?
Now Joey the only reason Im here is to discuss business with you
[Joey:] Yeah yeah well I aint discussing no bidness especially with mister LL Fool J sitting here
[Tawn:] Who? (Mobs laughs in background)
Iont like em
[Sylvester:] T Joey
Sylvester Im not about to sit here and take this shit from the blob father!
Now watch ya mouth you f*cking mully
Now Joey thats enough!
Yeah you right fellas escort these gentlemen the f*ck up outta here
[Mob:] Alright lets go
[Sylvester:] Now wait a minute... Joey how long have you known me?
[Joey:] Obviously not long enough get em outta here
Wait... well how long have you known my father?
Six years protecting each other in jail butcha nothing like ODell
Youse young guys you f*cking kill me fellas
Alright alright... Tawn wait outside for a minute
Sylvester Im not about to lead you up in here with a—
I said wait outside for a minute... remember I got this nigga
Ill be listening from the outside
Yeah yeah whatever momma say knock you out f*ck outta here... what you was running around with hotheads now?
Joey I think you need to lay off of the pasta its getting to yo attitude
Yeah whatever okay so lets make it quick what do we got here?
Thursday twelve-O-clock midnight a train comes in from Indiana
Pff yeah so what about it?
Well heres the deal...
While Sylvesters talking Tawn sits outside and falls to sleep...
[Joey:] Yeah well what kind of money are we talking here? Joey Im telling you you can own a whole pasta factory
[Mob laughs:] Gee boss imagine that your own pa... (clears throat) sorry
[Sylvester:] Now all you have to do is...
[Joey:] You shittin me? Im telling you the shit is real hold on (phone rings as guns point at Sylvester)
Jesus fellas its just a phone I got a phone call hold on
Its Gwendolyn on the phone saying Sylvester whats wrong you left out and didnt even eat
While Tawn in the hallway mean muggin and sizing up the security
Sylvester says Cant talk now put the food in the refrigerator Ill get to it later
Joey says hurry it up he hangs up and asks for a pen and paper
Now Tawn turns the chair around and sits down puts his hand up and says asshole
Security looks at Tawn like he goin shoot him Tawn yells out arm wrestle
Now security looks at Tawn like it sounds tempting but he has a tape
Sylvesters telling Joey if everything goes smooth this is what will make
And now Joey checking out the piece of paper Sylvester checks his watch then looks up at his goons
Security outside laughing at Tawn cause it looks like hes about to lose
Then Joey looks at Sylvester and says what is this a joke?
He pulls a gun out and says yes but Im the only one laughing nigga dont get your ass smoked
Tawns straining and looking at his watch cause he know his time is up
He breaks the table takes the gun and point it at the guards and says what what what!
Sylvester says guns on the floor then Tawn says guns on the floor
Then Sylvester says safe open it up Tawn say shut them punk ass dogs up
Sylvester says get on the flo Joey dont make me have to ask you again open up the motherf*cking safe!
Joe says forget about it Tawn says Im bout to shoot me a motherf*cker today!
Joey goons start getting up off the floor
Sylvester says Joey dont make me do this and then the strangest thing happened
They start moving in on em getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em they getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em they getting closer and closer and closer
They start moving in on em Im a SHOOT ME A MOTHERF*CKER TODAY! Tawn!
[Tawn panicking:] Wha wha
[Sylvester:] Wake yo ass up!
[Joey:] Sylvester ya mans gonna be alright!
[Sylvester:] Ya Joey hell be alright f*ck is wrong withchu?
[Tawn:] Man I had a motherf*cking dream that all these muh-
[Joey:] Yeah more like a nightmare (him and his goons laugh)
Huff and stuff Ill show you a nightmare
[Sylvester:] Tawn we did good lets go
What are you a wise guy Im just breaking your balls
Yeah hes just breaking ya balls
[Sylvester:] Joey Thursday night
[Joey:] Sylvester tell ya lovely wife Gwendolyn I said hello... this guy

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